Shaadi Mubarak 6th March 2021 Written Update: KT saves Preeti from getting caught by Kushala

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Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: KT gets shattered knowing about Arjun's identity

Shaadi Mubarak 6th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Preeti praying in front of god’s idol when KT comes there and states that he understood her plan to cancel their London trip. He ask why she have complained about herself and beared all the humiliation just to cancel the trip? To which Preeti replies that Furti is their responsibility as she is carrying their child. She says that she can bear anything to keep Furti and the baby safe. She tries to convince KT while he nods understanding her point.

At night Kushala and other family members get up by the dog barking sound. They looks confused and try to find the source but didn’t get anything. They goes back to sleep while KT suspects Furti responsible for such weird things. He goes inside Furti’s room along with Preeti. They shakes their head in disbelief seeing her sleeping with the dog barking sound playing on the music system.

Preeti turns it off while Furti gets up. She tells that she is used to hear the sound and so she needs it here too in order to sleep properly. Preeti makes her understand that how it is disturbing the other members while Furti gets irked. KT glares her while Preeti sattes that she will sleep with Furti till she gets used to be here. KT gets shocked by her statement and ask how can he sleep without her?

She replies that it is for their child. She blackmails him cutely that if he won’t agree then she will tell their child that his father wasn’t ready to sacrifice anything for him. KT makes faces and tagged Preeti as clever. She kisses him while he blushes. He comes forward to kiss her back when she stops him and sends him off.

Preeti sleeps with Furti while she keeps turning on the bed. She puts her legs and hands on Preeti while Preeti puts the pillow on her place and sleeps on he floor.

At the morning Kushala gets up for yoga while she passes by Furti’s room. She tries to close the window and was about to see Preeti sleeping on the floor in Furti’s room but KT comes there and diverted Kushala. Preeti wakes up with their sound and hurridly gets up. Kushala ask KT that from when he started waking up so early? To which Preeti replies coming from the other direction that KT is changing for their child. Kushala smiles at them and gives an evil eye locket to Preeti. She ask her to wear it while Preeti nods.

KT says that Furti will surely get them into trouble one day while Preeti ask him to relax and trust her.

Later on KT serves a glass of juice to Preeti while she adores him. She ask him to give one glass of juice to Furti also while KT makes faces and mimicks Furti. Preeti laughs at his act and convinces him to go. She plants a kiss on his cheeks making him blush. He leaves the room while Preeti hurridly takes her medicines.

KT suddenly comes back to his room making Preeti jerk in shock. She drops her medicines while KT shows her the letter stating that Furti have run away. Preeti reads the letter in which Furti have mentioned about going away due to KT’s behaviour. She ask KT that they have to search for Furti and both goes out to their car.

KT says that he never trusted Furti while Preeti tries to calm him. He ask why do she believes her so much? At that time Furti laughs sitting on the top of their car. They comes out and spots Furti. She laughs seeing KT’s face and tells about her prank. KT gets irked while Preeti also joins Furti. He scolds Furti for troubling Preeti and states that for him Preeti is only pregnant while Furti gives weird look to him. KT shouts at Furti and makes her understand that how important the baby is for them. He tells what alm sacrifices Preeti is doing to hide this surrogacy and joins hands in front of Furti asking her to understand.

Furti makes fun of KT while he gets frustrated with her behaviour and increases his tone. Preeti shuts them both and makes Furti wear the evil eye locket which Neelima had given her. Furti gets happy while KT looks on.

Precap:- Furti told Preeti that she have given Preeti’s name for blood donation while Preeti gets shocked and cancels her name. Furti hears it and gets confused. Later on doctor advice Preeti to get admit as her cancer is increasing rapidly. On the other side KT and Furti goes for sonography while KT ask the doctor to wait till Preeti comes there. Furti gets angry on Preeti for not coming.

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