Shaadi Mubarak: KT gets dumbstruck learning about Preeti’s cancer

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The intriguing storyline of Shaadi Mubarak is keeping the audiences hooked to their television screens. In the earlier episode KT helps Preeti to pack her luggage while she distracts him to put her medical files into the bag. KT shows his love and respect for her while she gets emotional. He fills her hairline with vermilion while she brings a piece of cloth and ask for his handprints. They both together prints their hand onto the clothe. Later on Preeti gets restless while Kushala visits her. Preeti shares her worry with Kushala while she comforts Preeti and tries to give her strength.

In the midnight KT sees a nightmare of loosing Preeti and wakes up being horrified. Preeti calms him while he stares at her to get relax. In the morning Preeti bids adieu to all the family members while Foorti gets emotional and thanks Preeti for what all she did for her. Kushala sees KT tensed and ask him the reason while he shares his worry with her. Kushala cheers him up. Preeti comes towards him and hugs him tightly being sentimental while he assures her. Preeti goes towards the temple to pray while Kushala gives her support. Preeti ask if she will be able to survive? To which Kushala assures her and boost her with strength.

Preeti remembers her moments in the house while going out and gets teary eyes while KT misses her as she moves away. Later on Preeti calls KT and informs him about reaching Delhi. She lies that she will be going to temple while KT hears ambulance sound. She diverts his mind and bids bye. KT watches television and gets shocked seeing Preeti on the news channel in front of hospital. He remembers all the lies Preeti said and rushes out calling Juhi. He demands for the truth while Juhi informs him about Preeti’s cancer. He gets freeze while she cries saying that Preeti is fighting all alone with her life threatening disease.

Now in the upcoming episode Preeti roams around the hospital being tensed about her operation. She gets restless while on the other side KT sees the form when doctor informs him that the hospital or staffs won’t be responsible if anything happens to Preeti. Later on Preeti breaksdown while KT embraced her. He consoles and gives her strength to fight strongly against the cancer.

What KT will do now? Will Preeti be able to survive? How Preeti’s family will react after knowing about her cancer? How KT will support Preeti?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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