Shaadi Mubarak One Shot: The Second Marriage

It was an autumn wedding in the late afternoon. The area faced the breathtaking sunset. At the end of each seated aisle, jasmine scented candles hung from tree branches. Spread down the aisle was white leaves, as far as the eyes could see, slightly moist so they wouldn’t crack when you stepped on them. My parents invited some close family and friends, as they wanted to keep it little private for my second marriage. I couldn’t help but compared it all with the first time I got married. Everything was lavish at that time, with huge number of guests. The only thing which is common is the lack of my involvement. They neither asked my permission that time, and nor this time for the marriage.

“Bring Preeti down, the groom have arrived”- said my mother to my friend Kusum.

I take a deep breath as the trauma of my first marriage flashes in front of me. My mind couldn’t stop thinking about how my new husband will treat me? Will he be like my first husband? Will he also torture me? Abuse me?

Unknown tears form in my eyes. Kusum consoles me and takes me down. From the corner of my eyes i saw him, Keertan a.k.a KT, my would be future husband. He was smiling whispering something to a little girl. She must be his daughter, Keerti. He is also a divorcee just like me. My mother makes me sit with him and soon the marriage procedures gets started. Every now and then his daughter looks at me excitedly, I couldn’t help but smile at her antics.

After the marriage, i get inside KT’s car and we moves towards his house. His mother welcomes us happily. They all seems to be nice people. They sends me to KT’s room and I feel suffocated seeing the decoration, it reminded me of my painful first marriage, where that monster, my first husband have raped me brutally. I shiver remembering my past, when KT enters inside the room. I tried to wipe my tears, but I think he noticed it. He come towards me and told me in an awkward but assuring way.

“You don’t have to worry about anything here. I hope you know about my past! I just want you to give my daughter the love of a mother”- I looked at him, i knew about his condition. He married me for his daughter. I nodded while he smiles at me. He tries to make me feel comfortable, while for the first time I took a breathe of relief. At that time, his daughter gets inside the room, while we gladly make her sleep in between us.

Days passes by and I think marrying KT was the best decision of my life. I mean it wasn’t my decision but still agreeing to it was. I got the most precious gift of my life in form of his daughter. And the way he always treat me, ask me for my opinion and never forced me for any decision, makes me respect him more and more.

One day i was playing with Keerti in the nearby park, when my heart stopped. I saw him, my first husband. I shiver feeling horrified. He smirks coming close to me, while I held Keerti protectively. I was about to go, but he hold my hand tightly and turns me towards him. I struggles in his hold and tries to free myself.

“Glad to see you again, Preeti”- he said in his devil voice.
His eyes shifted to Keerti and he touches her sensually. This pathetic man! i gathered my courage and pushed him hard. I take Keerti with me and runs away from there.

I shiver sitting on my bed. Those past memories keeps haunting me. I decided to sleep before KT’s arrival, so that he couldn’t able to see my devastated state.

But, as always i just couldn’t able to hide it from him. He is a keen observer. He saw the bruise on my hand and ask about it. Hearing his caring tone, I couldn’t able to hold myself and breaks down notifying him about the incident. His gets furious and comforts me. He promises me to take care of the matter, while i gets relaxed in his hold. His presence always gives me peace. I don’t know if ever I can express it, but I am already fallen deep in love with him.
Later, he treats my wound making me admire him.

Next day, he takes me to a defence class and advice me to learn some defence skills to protect myself. Again, he never forced me to do it, he just adviced. I agrees to him without any further thought.

I decided to express my feelings to him on his birthday. I prepared for everything but when i get inside the house, i got shocked learning about the matter. KT’s previous wife, Nandini have filed a case for the custody of Keerti. I feel pathetic hearing about her. She had left Keerti after giving birth and ran away with her lover. I don’t understand why she came back now? I saw KT and feels so much of pain seeing his devastated state. Keerti is his lifeline and i can feel what he must be going through. I kneels down in front of him and comforts him. He hugs me breaking down. This is the first time I have seen him crying, my eyes turns teary but I still manage to stay strong for him. I assures him that we will win the case and will bring our Keerti back.

The court procedures started and the case comes in our favour. I met Nandini and her intentions doesn’t seems to be nice. Later, while I and KT was going from the court, I saw her smirking towards us. I ignores and sits inside the car. After sometime, I saw KT panicking. He looks at me and states that the break isn’t working. I knew it can be our last moment together and so without a delay i hold his hand and confessed my feelings for him, he gets freezed for a moment. And the next thing I remember was a crash.

I opened my eyes inside the hospital. I saw my family around me and gets worried for KT. They assures me that he is fine. KT recovered faster then me and spends rest of his days in taking care of me. Further, we won the case and got Keerti back. We decided to celebrate after getting discharge from the hospital.

After few days, the preparation of the celebration begins. I enters the venue along with Keerti, when the spotlight falls on me. Keerti giggles and gets aside while I stands still being confused. At that moment, KT comes towards me with his ever so charming smile and kneels down. I gasped in shock, while he chuckles seeing my reaction. He poured his heart out and confessed his love for me. I smiles with teary eyes and hugs him instantly. I never have imagined my life to be like this. He came into my life like a dream and healed my wounded heart with his love.

My first marriage had broken me,
But then he came,
To bring back the smile that was missing from my face
He came as the sunshine in my dark life
He become my knight in shining armour
He became the reason of my smile
He became the reason of my happiness
He made me forget my dreadful past
I don’t know how but he became my life.

The end.