Shaadi Mubarak: Preeti and Kusum confronted Nandini

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Star Plus’s popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is up for an interesting turn of events and drama. In the show audience will witness KT engrossed in preparation of marriage while Nandini remembers her happy moments with him and declares that he will be all hers within 2 days.

Further Nandini ask Arjun to do as they have planned while he gets into KT’s house to mingle with his family and to convence Neelima while she gets really impressed with his traditional values, later on Arjun ask if he can call Neelima as Dadi while she happily agreed, he further invited them to come to his mother’s wedding and ask Neelima to pray so that he can convence his father for the wedding.

On the other side Preeti and Kusum searches about Nandini but couldn’t find any information, while Preeti ask kusum to remember if she have noticed anything with Nandini during her encounter? Kusum after thinking told her that she have seen a packet of dry cleaning clothes, Preeti searched for that shop’s number and called them faking herself to be Nandini while they ask her to come at 5 pm to collect her dress. They went to the shop and keeps an eye on Nandini when suddenly preeti’s leg gets twisted again causing her immense pain, in the meantime Nandini saw Preeti and hides, Preeti and Kusum interrogates the shopkeeper about Nandini while she hears them and thinks that why are they asking about her?

At that time her phone starts ringing and slipped down, Preeti was about to pick it up when Nandini comes forward and faces her, kusum interrupted them and taunts Nandini for her behaviour while she offers money to kusum making her shake her head in disbelief, later kusum takes her phone declaring that she will call KT here to confront Nandini for all her deeds, while Nandini gets shocked.

In the upcoming episodes show will keep the viewers hooked with their high voltage drama as they will see Kusum signalling KT to come towards them excitedly while he moves forward, on the other side Preeti and Nandini will look at him being tensed.

Well it will be interesting to witness how KT will react after seeing Nandini? And will he be able to forgive her? Will Arjun succeed in getting Nandini married to KT? And most importantly will Preeti help Nandini?

To know all the answers stay connected with us as it will be really fascinating to see what happens next on the show.

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