Shaadi Mubarak: Will Preeti leave the job?

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Star Plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak, is all set for high voltage drama.

In the current track, Preeti gets the job. Whereas, Priyanka and her family gets impressed by her suggestion. KT signals Priyanka to increase Preeti’s salary while Preeti gets suspicious hearing about the amount, but Priyanka anyhow manages the situation.

Here, little Preeti calls to complain about Kirti to Preeti, but Vishal receives the call and lies to her about Preeti being busy. He makes a cunning plan to separate Preeti and his daughter.

Elsewhere, Preeti hugs KT being exhilarated and notify him about the job. She apprise him about her plans, whereas he revere her, for her altruistic nature. She narrates him about how she met Shikha and her family. And further tells about the bond she shares with little Preeti, while he hears her fondly. Later, a man unintentionally was about to reveal KT’s identity in front of Preeti, but Keertan somehow prevents it. Preeti questions him about KT, whereas he lies about KT being his boss. Preeti loses her cool and proclaim not to work in KT’s company.

Later, KT gets shocked seeing Kirti’s anger. She tells him about the incidence with little Preeti and determines to take revenge from her and Preeti. He tries to pacify her, but she gets rebellious. Meanwhile, KT worries about Kirti and Preeti’s relationship.

Here, little Preeti also gets angry with Preeti. She tries to make her understand and confronts Vishal for lying to her. He fools her with his act and tries to get close to his daughter, but she runs towards Preeti and reconcile with her. He gets irked seeing his plan getting misfire.

Further, KT calls Preeti and lies about getting terminated from his job due to her. He fakes an emotional story, while she feels guilty and decides to visit him.

Now in the upcoming episode, Preeti will furiously gets inside Shaadi Mubarak and demands to meet KT. Priyanka will witness it and informs KT about Preeti’s arrival. He will disguise himself and later on will meet her.

Will Preeti join Shaadi Mubarak? Will Vishal get succeeded in his motive? How Preeti will save her and little Preeti’s relationship? Will Kirti accept Preeti as her mother?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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