ShaKhi FF: Her Selfless Love| Chapter 29

After the classes are over, Anokhi and Pallavi wait for Ahil to come. Ahil comes on his car and getting down from his car. He greets both of them. Pallavi and Anokhi smile at him and sit in their places. Ahil drives the car while stealing glaces at Pallavi. Pallavi can feel his glances as well but she choses not to look at him supressing her smile. Anokhi on the other hand smiles looking at them. She likes Ahil for Pallavi. He is an amazing amd fun loving guy. He has always been good to them and never tried to make Pallavi uncomfortable with his behaviour. He also comes out as a very sensible person. He never behaves rudely with anyone and that’s what a woman would want from her future husband.

And she is sure that Pallavi likes him as well but then not showing it because she don’t want to trust anyone just in a short span of time. She wants to study them closely before she can trust them. And Anokhi likes her this character. Pallavi has always been conscious about what she picks and what she wants in her life. She has never fallen in the web of fantasies unlike her who has always been in a fantasy land. Pallavi knows what she wants from her life. She knows what she has to do to get what she wants. She is very intelligent and very sensible unlike her who gets jealous or loses her control when she gets angry. She has always admired Pallavi for her thought process and her way of handling things but then she never tried to be like her. She never tried to change her self into someone like Pallavi because just like her even she has a unique and interesting mindset.

Atleast that’s what she believes. She knows Pallavi is testing his patience and his level of attraction or love towards her before she finally starts trusting him or giving him the attention he is craving for soo badly. She has always been pretty strong in her opinions unlike her whose opinion keeps changing from time to time. She is now trying to be more sensible and understanding without chaging her own character or losing her own self.

Ahil drops them both near their flat. He is about to drive away but Pallavi asks him “Come and have a coffee with us Ahil. You never came to our flat. You always leave dropping us here”

Ahil tells her “It’s because you never invited me inside your flat. You would always say bye and would leave. I am surprised that you are asking me today atleast. Other wise I lost my hopes about being invited into your house” Pallavi smiles awkwardly with his reply. Anokhi tells him “Pallavi is a little reserved. She never gets close to people just like that. She never invites anyone just like that. If she is inviting you now then it clearly means that she actually thinks of you as a good person” Anokhi gives him a smile. He asks her “Are you sure that she finds me a good person” Anokhi tells him “Hundred percent sure Ahil” Pallavi is getting embarrassed with their conversation. Can’t they have this conversation when she is not present with them. Ahil looks at Pallavi with a huge smile. Pallavi glares at Anokhi who just shrugs her shoulders as if nothing happened and leaves from there. Pallavi looks at Ahil who is looking at her with a huge smile. That huge happy smile on his face makes her smile as well. She leaves from there asking him to come inside. Ahil looks at her disappearing figure and rubs the back of his neck with a huge smile playing on his lips. He goes inside the flat and looks around. It is a very small flat but they both managed to get a roof on their head and that’s what matters. Ahil sits on a plastic chair that they have kept for him. He smiles at Anokhi who smiles back at him teasingly. He raises his eye brows not understanding her teasing smile.

To Be Continued..

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