ShaKhi FF: Her Selfless Love| Chapter 4

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Spoiler: Shaurya teaches Anokhi western dance form
Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Spoiler: Shaurya teaches Anokhi western dance form

Anokhi and Pallavi were sitting outside on a bench near principal’s office when principal comes there and looks at them. He goes inside the office gesturing them both to come inside. He sat on the chair and they both ask his permission to enter inside. Principal allows and after entering inside they both give him their details and about the scholarship. The principal is impressed with both the girls and smiles at them. He asks them to wait there as he is going to call their class teacher who will introduce them to the class. Principal calls the teacher and after it is lifted he says “Shaurya please come to my office” Anokhi and Pallavi look at principal both shocked and excited.

After few minutes they hear a knock on the door. The principal asks the person to come inside. The person is none other than shaurya. Shaurya smiles at principal and greets him. Even though the principal is his father in law still they never behaved like a family in the college. The rules are same for everyone. Anokhi instantly gets lost in shaurya which only pallavi notices. Principal tells shaurya “They are our new students Shaurya. They are going to study in your class Shaurya. They are here with the scholarship. They are very talented otherwise it is not really possible to get here with scholarship. Make use of their full talent and make them as brighter as they can get”. Shaurya nods and looks at both his students. He looks at anokhi and wonders whether he has seen her somewhere but lets it go not thinking about it much. Shaurya asks them their names. Anokhi tells him her name followed by Pallavi. Shaurya finds Anokhi weird as she is trying her hide her blush and continuosly avoiding direct contact with him. Shaurya asking principal to excuse and asking anokhi and pallavi to follow he leaves from the office.

Shaurya brings them to his class and introduces them to the students of his class. Most of the female students cringe seeing their dressing style which anokhi and pallavi ingnore. Shaurya likes their confidence. Shaurya praises them the class about their talent deliberately so that the students stop making disrespectful faces at them. Pallavi and Anokhi feel proud. Shaurya asks them to sit and they both sit on the last bench together. Shaurya starts teaching them economics. Anokhi and pallavi are impressed with his teaching as he is teaching very clearly and every point making it easy for them to understand. The class gets over and Shaurya leaves the class. Anokhi gets sad seeing him leave. She so wants him to teach them every subject but it is not possible. She pouts to herself sadly which makes pallavi smile and she teases her. The next professor comes there and he starts teaching. Anokhi and pallavi concentrate on the class without thinking of discussing about anything. Even though anokhi is here for Shaurya, she will never compromise with her studies. It’s interval after the second class and both anokhi and pallavi start roaming in the college. Anokhi sees Shaurya standing near a pillar going through his subject. Anokhi shows pallavi Shaurya and they both go to him.

Pallavi calls him “Excuse me sir” Shaurya looks at them and nods asking them to continue. Anokhi thanks him “Thank you sir for being kind to us” Shaurya looks at them for a second and says “It’s okay. No problem. It was my duty to make my students comfortable and I have different level of respect for hardworking students who study on their own without any support. It reminds me of myself” saying this Shaurya smiles at them. Anokhi and pallavi return the smile. Shaurya says “Always remember to be confident and focus on your studies no matter what. Don’t bother about others or their comments. Life is more than that. You will never get back the time once it’s over atleast not for them who have no support from anyone in the world” Anokhi and Pallavi nods. Shaurya leaves from there asking them to focus on their studies. Anokhi’s face breaks into a happy smile..

To Be Continued..