Shakti Astitva Ke Ahesas Ki: Virat opens a tea stall near Angel’s house

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In Colors TV popular show Shakti Astitva Ke Ahesas Ki viewers will see a lot of interesting drama in upcoming episodes. Earlier it’s seen Heer gets embarrassed while collecting money from some men. She can’t dance exactly like kinnars, due to which Angel slaps her and says they won’t give her money like that. Heer transforms herself to be a part of their community but Virat is not letting her do that.

Virat starts beating those men who were speaking badly about Heer. He starts beating them and says a kinnar can have emotions as well. They can be someone’s Khuda too. Heer insults him after that. She says I am trying hard to accept all these things but why are you following me? I am getting weak. Shyam says stop trying. Heer gets emotional remembering that she was rude to him but she hopes that someone should enter Virat’s life and loves him unconditionally. On the other hand doctor, Isha makes an entry in Virat’s life.

In the upcoming episodes there will be a turning point in the show. Where Virat will open a tea stall near Angel’s House to stay connected to Heer. Heer will also accept Shyam as her friend. She will try to move on in her life. After seeing Virat’s tea stall she gets surprised and she goes to him and asks what is he trying to prove?

Virat will say that Heer can live happily with her new identity and now its his identity. He will live with it. Heer gets shocked hearing that. Virat makes tea and Isha hugs Virat suddenly. Heer notices everything. Heer and Virat will have tea with Shyam and Isha.

Will Virat and Heer pass the test of their love? What will be the result of Virat’s move?

Will Shyam and Isha understand that Virat and Heer love each other only? Will Heer get jealous?

All these questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

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