Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 11th August 2020 Written Update: Jharana wants to dig out the truth

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 11th August 2020 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jharana says that it clearly shows that this boy likes Heer.  Jharna  tells Heer to date him.  This makes the boy angry and he stops Jharana from talking nonsense.  But Jharana is still not stop and tells Heer that this is probably his true love.  Heer says that she once made a mistake by loving a man like Virat and she does not want to go back that way.  Heer says she should also take care because Virat is not a good guy and can cheat anytime.  Jharana  thinks that she has to go to the depths to know what the truth is and why Virat left Heer.

On the other hand, Sant tells Gurminder that Virat obeys her, so she must ask Virat to marry Jharana.  Gurminder says will it be okay?  Parmeet says that if she does not do so, she will get Daljit’s second wife.  Daljeet says that Gurminder will do what she wants.  Then Parmeet fits the mic in Gurminder’s clothes so that she can hear her. 

While Shano is very happy because Soham will come to know the whole truth today.  Soham asks a man about Soumya’s father.  He tells her everything and speaks bad about Varun.  Soham gets angry and slaps the man and tells him that I am his son.

 In college, Heer’s stomach hurts because she has eaten a chili burger.  Everyone is worried to see her.  Virat also starts worrying.  Heer tells them to call Nuttan.  A student calls Nuttan.  Virat says to give her glucose water.  Then he goes away from there and Jharana follows him.  Jharana asks why he is upset.  Virat says that why would he bother for a eunuch, he is about to speak this thing but stops.  Then Jharana asks who is the eunuch?  At the same time, Nuttan and Heer come.  Virat turns the conversation around and says he was talking about Nuttan.

Virat scolds Jharana and says that she questions a lot.  Jharana starts shedding crocodile tears due to which Virat feels bad and apologizes to Jharana.  Virat hugs Jharan. And this make Heer sad.  Nutan takes Heer and gives her water and medicine .  Heer starts vomiting.  Nuttan asks her why she ate such a chili burger.  Nuttan says that she should have thought about the people who love her.  Heer says that she had also loved Virat and she is unable to bear his hatred.  Heer says that when she sees Virat, she recalls her old memories.

Nuttan consoles her.  Heer then says that she will not be weak in front of Virat from now on.  Then Virat comes there and asks how she is now.  Heer ask What difference does this make to him.  Nuttan says if he is asking then give a simple answer.  Virat says that he is asking only so that no one accuses him later.  Virat says that he is elated to see Heer and Nuttan should take her with her to the world of eunuchs.  Then Virat starts going from there, Heer stops him and scolds him.  Virat says that he will expel Heer from college after 5 days.  Heer says what would he do if it didn’t happen?   Virat says he will leave college.  Heer says, then get ready to leave.  (Episode ends)