Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 17th December 2020 Written Update: Baksh, Harak leave for Goa

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 17th December 2020 Written Update on

Heer starts dancing, men look impressed and a man comes on stage to dance with her but Heer goes aside, Angel signals she will kill another person, Heer dances around that man. Outside, Virat falls down amidst fight with goons, and in house temple diya light goes off, family get tensed and Preeto tries calling to Virat.

People start bidding for Heer a man buys her for 3 crores, Angel tells him to enjoy, Heer is his. Heer cries and requests him to leave her, he drags her forcefully saying he paid for her. Parmeet calls Angel to know what happened, Angel says The End, Heer is sold off. Parmeet laughs and thinks she did it with Heer what Preeto couldn’t do with Soumya. Heer sees Virat laying unconscious on road and cries shouting for him.

Preeto calls Malika and tells her to find about Virat, he is not lifting phone. Malika calls a guru maa in Goa and asks for help to find Virat, Guru maa says she won’t do these kind of works, what will she get. Malika offers money, Guru maa says everyone is Goa give her profit share, she doesn’t need money, she asks her to tell any big reason. Malika says Virat wife Heer is kinnar.

Preeto tells Baksh that Heer is in Goa, they will go there. Parmeet asks her to confirm the news first, Preeto says news its true, Virat also went to Goa in search of Heer and some people hit him and threw him on beach. Baksh asks how dare they and tells Daljeet, Harak to come, they will go to Goa.

 Parmeet calls Angel and asks what they did to Virat and how Virat knew Heer is in Goa. Angel pretends innocence and asks which hospital Virat is in, she will go and see. Parmeet scolds her not to act smart and says she won’t leave them if anything happens to Virat, Angel says she will reveal Parmeet truth if she tells about them. Angel thinks police will find location through phone and breaks her phone.

The man brings Heer to his house and misbehaves with her, he scolds her to be quiet and says he will keep her happy. He ties her hands back and tells her to stay there, he will come back.

Precap: Heer tries to escape remembering security code and comes out from window. Virat fights with goons, kinnars help him outside the man’s house. Heer looks shocked coming out.

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