Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 19th February 2021 Written Update: Heer meets Preeto while trying to escape from goons

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Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 19th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Heer trying to escape but she hears one goon is talking to Sant. He says come to that place we’ll handover her to you there. Heer understands that someone hired goons to kidnap her. Preeto tells the driver to follow the car carefully.

Sant tells Parmeet about Heer’s kidnapping. He says Heer will come here very soon. Parmeet gets happy and hugs Sant. She goes to see Virat and tells Isha to take care of him.

Heer pushes the goons and tries to escape from there. She starts running and goons run behind her. She finds main switch and turns it off. She gets scared seeing another goon in front of her. He walks towards her and Preeto hits his head with a rod and rest of the goons catch Heer. One goon stops Preeto and asks who is she? Why is she trying to save Heer? They turn on the main switch. Heer gets shocked seeing Preeto.

They cry tears of joy seeing each other. Preeto says no one can harm my Heer. Heer again pushes them and Preeto hugs Heer. Harak enters and beats the goons. Harak gets happy. Sant and Parmeet also reach there. Sant suddenly slaps one goon. He says angrily that why Heer got hurt when he already told them that they will not harm Heer.

Preeto gets shocked hearing that and Harak asks angrily why did Sant do that? When they told them to stay from Heer. Heer asks that means everyone knew that I am alive. Parmeet says yes I saw you. Heer asks then why haven’t you all met me? Preeto says because we didn’t want to ruin your happiness. Akshay’s family treat you so well which we couldn’t do. Parmeet asks Heer was not staying with kinnars?

Preeto says yes she is staying with a family. She got love and respect from them which you failed to give her. Preeto says but you did absolutely wrong. She was about to leave with Heer. Parmeet stops her saying being a mother she can’t let Heer leave from here. She will take Heer with them. Preeto says I am her grandma, I want her happiness and I will send her to Akshay’s house again. Parmeet says Heer will have to go back to Virat’s life. They can go to any extent to save their son.

Archana happily shares Heer’s incident with Jagjeet. Jagjeet gets shocked and asks why she did it? She has lost it. She will get caught very soon. Kidnappers can call Biji for money. Munna can also reveal that he shared everything with Archana so police will arrest her for sending Heer to market. Archana gets worried and says she didn’t think about it at all. She only thought she will get rid off Heer. Akshay calls Jagjeet and they get scared.

Heer clearly says to Parmeet that she won’t enter Virat’s life again and when Parmeet herself wanted her to leave Virat then what happened suddenly?

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