Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 19th November 2020 Written Update: Heer-Virat’s marriage is complete

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 19th November 2020 Written Update on

Heer tells Virat her life is becoming difficult, her husband is siding with her mayka instead of her. She feeds him food, they reminisce their lovely moments. She asks him to take her to temple tomorrow morning.

Heer gets ready in bridal dress, she wakes up Virat, he wishes her good morning and asks why she dressed extravagantly. She reminds him she asked him to take her temple to complete vrat, that’s why she got ready like this. She gives a grand dress to Virat, he goes to freshen up. Heer remembers Virat, Preeto talking about conditions. Virat comes and says he is feeling strange going to temple like this. Heer asks him to trust her and takes him along.

Virat sees the house decorated and shaadi mandap, family members also dressed up. He asks what’s happening, she says they are going to take remaining 3 wedding vows. Virat gets angry and says he promised Preeto aunty that he will complete pheras only after fulfilling conditions. Heer asks him to choose one among her and Preeto, if he supports Preeto, she will leave his house now itself. Virat says she and Preeto both have special places in his life. He tells her to follow rituals fully if she wants to, wedding vows are taken in mayka, not sasural. Heer goes away angrily. Baksh asks Virat why he cares so much about conditions. Virat remembers Preeto telling Heer is kinnar. Heer comes down with luggage, she tells Virat she will leave forever. Virat stops her from leaving, Heer asks how can she live with incomplete marriage.

Baksh holds Virat hand and tells him to let Heer go. Virat remembers all his moments with Heer and stops Heer from stepping out of the house. He frees his hand from his father and goes towards Heer, he is ready to complete pheras. Parmeet video calls Preeto, Preeto sees Virat-Heer sitting is mandap, she rushes out to stop the pheras. Parmeet remembers how Heer requested them last night, Heer wanted to end the conditions fiasco, she said she will live according to sasural and not how Preeto wants. Heer, Virat complete wedding vows. Preeto, Harak are on the way. Virat puts sindoor on Heer. Priest says their wedding is complete now. Preeto comes and shouts.

Precap: Preeto says she binded the marriage with conditions, now that there are no conditions, there’s no marriage also. She will send divorce papers and asks Virat to sign, she will get Heer sign. She pulls Heer out of the house with her. Tejinder bua says if Heer steps out now, there’s no way back for her in this house. Heer frees her hand from Preeto and asks Preeto to leave and never come back, she will live in her sasural only.

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