Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 20th August 2020 Written Update: Soham wants to sell Heer to the human traffickers

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 20th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Preeto comes to Mahi and asks her why Soham is worried about her.  Mahi says she doesn’t know.  Preeto asks her to call Soham.  Mahi does the same and asks him where he is?  Soham says he is out for some college work. 

 Soham hangs up the phone and goes to some men who sell eunuchs abroad.  They asks him to show them the photo of that eunuch.  Soham starts remembering childhood memories.  One of them says that this boy is of use, he will have more stuff.  Soham gets angry on this and starts fighting them.  And then goes from there.

In college, the teacher comes and asks Heer why she slaps Jharana.  He asks her to apologize to Jharana.  Heer says that even her shoe will not apologize to Jharana.  Virat says that Heer does not even respect the teacher. 

 Virat says will they stay here or Heer.  Jharana says if they go then a all students will go.  Isha says that Jharana is not someone to decide this.  Jharana asks everyone whether they will stay here.  Everyone says that they are also with Jharana.  The teacher says that if everyone has problems with Heer, then Heer should go.  Heer starts going from there but Virat comes and tells her bitter things. 

 Heer says do whatever you want because she will come to college every day and will do social work. She says she is not a loser as he think. Virat says he will teach her a lesson.  Isha stops him and says stay away from Heer.  Virat thinks he will also see how Heer will come tomorrow.

Soham says that a eunuch cannot be someone’s sister.  He says he will take her to her rightful place.  And then he will take revenge.  Heer listens Soham.  Heer asks where she will go.  Soham says nothing.  Heer says that they should go home now. 

Soham says that he is not her servant.  Heer says what has happened to him, why is he behaving like this.  Heer teases him to convince him but Soham knocks her.  Heer collapses and then start crying. Heer gets up and leave from there.

Heer comes home and tells everyone about Soham.  Preeto says she will teach Soham a lesson.  Preeto thinks that her suspicions are correct that Soham is behaving strangely.  But then Soham comes and apologizes to Heer. Because Shano ask him to do so.

 Shano asks him to do this so that no one can doubt Soham.  Soham give chocolates and sorry card to Heer and apologizes.  Preeto thinks that it is good that Soham did not know anything. ( Episode ended)