Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 7th August 2020 Written Update: Shano’s plan to bring Soham home is successful

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 7th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Heer is shocked to see someone.  While Virat comes to his house in a fit of anger and calls everyone. Jharana tells him to keep calm.  Parmeet comes and asks what happened?  Virat asks why they did this to Gurminder.  Parmeet says so that she can become a mother.  Virat gets angry after hearing this.  Jharana says that she can do this much for her own happiness.  Virat scolds her for her small thinking. 

After this, Virat goes to his sister-in-law and apologizes because he could not protect her.  He then asks her to apply medicine on her injury.  Jharana says Gurminder will like it better if the medicine is put on the injury by Parmeet.  Then Parmeet feels ointment on her injury but at the same time tells her bitter things which hurts Gurminder.  Then Jharana comes and tells Parmeet that Gurminder had met Heer.  Parmeet looks at Gurminder with a furious eye and asks her the reason for their meeting.  Gurminder says that Heer met her on the way and also give her blessings.  Gurminder says that Heer’s blessings works because she does so with true heart.  And in the past, she had saved Virat from her blessings when Virat had consumed poison. 

On the other side, Heer sees that a man has slept on the bus stand and goes to him and sees that he is Soham.  She asks him to come home with her.  Soham refuses.  Rohan calls Preeto and tells her that Soham has been found.  Preeto tells this thing to Harak.  Harak says Soham is stubborn and will not return because of his stubbornness.

Shano thinks Soham deliberately stops at the busstand so that Heer finds him.  Shano recalls how she call Soham to manipulate his mind and incited him against Preeto and Harak.  And how Soham got caught in his intrigues.  And this was also Shano’s plan to stop him at the busstand so that Heer quickly finds him. 

At the same time, at the bus stand, Heer tells Soham to come home.  Soham says no one wants him to return home.  Heer says she wants .  Rohan also says the same.  Soham then gets ready to come home. Then trio go home together. 

At Virat’s house, Jharana embraces Virat and leaves.  After she leaves, Virat again imagines Heer and starts talking to her.  Gurminder notices his actions and is shocked.  Gurminder thinks Virat is still in love with Heer and she must help them before it all ends. 

There, Heer asks Soham and Hark to reconcile.  Harak says he did nothing wrong.  Heer says to Soham that Harak does everything for our good and we should listen to him.  Soham agrees.  Preeto says he has to give his consent.  Heer asks why?  Preeto says that he will have to do this and swear that he will not question their decision.  Rohan says if it saves the relationship then what is the harm in doing it.

Shano gestures to Soham and asks him to write so.  Soham does the same and writes on paper.  Heer says if everything is settled then today she will cook food for everyone.  Heer leaves.  Preeto asks Soham that he had left the house long ago, then what he was doing at the bus stand.  Shano and Soham are shocked to hear Preeto’s question.  Soham taunts her and says why do your questions never end. (Episode end)