RadhaKrishnn 7th August 2020 Written Update: Draupadi agrees to marry Pandavas

RadhaKrishnn 7th August 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Draupadi crying in front of Krishna that no one will ever do it and none did in the past also. Krishna says no one will do it now and no one will did it ever. Draupadi says I am here still because Arjun wins me by showcasing his excellency. Everyone is ready to take asceticism just for my sake. I also noticed in the eyes of Kunti that she was crying in front of me and Krishna says if you do this then the entire universe will remember you forever. This beautiful creation of God will never forget Draupadi.

The entire universe will remember you as the most purest form of woman. Draupadi is in dilemma about what to do? Arjun asks Krishna that this time I feel Draupadi will give a negative feedback. Draupadi comes in the place and asks for apology from Kunti and says I am ready for the marriage proposal. She says I considered Arjun as my husband hence his mother is my mother now. So keeping her words is my responsibility too. Dhritarashatra and other pandavas expressed their gratitude for her.

Arjun says to Krishna I am amazed at your ideologies and my respect for you accelerate by some folds. Vidur comes to the assembly hall of Hastinapur to inform Dhritarashatra that Pitama Bhisma is arriving at the palace of Hastinapur. He says I want to go there and welcome him by myself. But Bhisma comes there and says I will be always present here to offer my first respect to the throne of Hastinapur. He infromed his highness that the work he was assigned with is complete now. Vidur infroms Bhisma about Pandav son Arjun being alive and he won Panchali by showing his excellence at the Swayamavar. Bhisma gets emotional and happy to know that his favorite pandav sons are alive. He asks why they are not in Hastinapur by now?

Shakuni says we requested them to come along with us but they denied. We sent along a small team of army men. Bhisma gets angry with them for not doing the work properly. Bhisma gets a letter from Dwarka when he is discussing stuff with Vidur. On the other side, Arjun and Krishna gets to know from Balram about the armies of Duryodhan is approaching your hut and Krishna says we will wait here for them. Bhisma comes to meet Krishna in alone. Both of them greets each other and gets happiness.

Precap – Draupadi gets married to five pandavas.