Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 9th April 2021 Written Update: Saumya sets up one trap to get Jeet arrested

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 9th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with men entering baby shower ceremony. Harak asks Preeto why she called him old. Preeto says she already told men are not allowed then why they came. Harak starts dancing with Preeto happily. Jeet and Mahi stare at each other. Rohan joins Harak and Preeto. Jeet tells Mahi, that he is going to set up a trap for Saumya’s death. Noone should come to kitchen. Jeet pours oil on the kitchen floor and Jeet puts knives in three glasses so that when Saumya will slip she will get stabbed. Mahi stops Saumya from going to kitchen. Saumya dances with everyone. Rohan and Simran enjoy as well.

Jeet comes out of kitchen and tells Mahi why she didn’t send Saumya in the kitchen yet. Jeet tells if Saumya stays alive Mahi won’t get her right in the house. Saumya insists Mahi to dance. Mahi acts like she is going to faint. Saumya goes to bring water for Mahi in the kitchen. This side, Heer stops Parmeet from slapping her. She says Parmeet has no right to raise her hands on Heer.

Saumya enters the kitchen and falls down due to the oil on ground She shouts mummy ji. Preeto and others rush to see Saumya. Mahi and Jeet stand shocked seeing Saumya alive. Saumya says please be careful, somebody poured oil on the floor. Rohan cleans it. Everyone asks Saumya what happened. Saumya says they should Simran if she is fine or not.

Saumya tells everyone that someone again tried to harm her by setting a trap. Rohan says but doors, windows are locked then who can do this? Saumya says she noticed the knives while she was falling, she pushed those knives away. Saumya says the attacker is in the house only. Jeet asks Saumya is she alright. Saumya gets shock seeing oil on Jeet’s hand. She understands Jeet is the main culprit.

Heer tells Parmeet that she should have asked her son as Virat only told Heer to choose life partner for him. Heer says Virat is annoying me, I am only doing my job. Parmeet asks Virat is it true? Virat avoids Parmeet. Parmeet says Virat promised her that he will marry a girl of his mother’s choice. Then why is he not following his own words. Virat says Heer can choose girl for him as Heer knows him well. Its not wrong. Heer tells Virat now she wants to live a peaceful life. She requests Virat not to trouble her anymore.

Heer and Saumya get ready for going to Navratri fair. Heer prays to Matarani that on this special occasion she wants to go to temple to pray for Virat , Gulabo and her family. She feels something big is going to happen. Saumya also thinks to pray for Heer. Saumya does the aarti and plays Sankh. Saumya sees Jeet and tells about Matarani’s temple. Saumya says she wants to go to that Navratri fair to pray for Heer. Jeet hears it.

FB starts. Saumya tells about her plan to Preeto that she is doubting Jeet. She wants to go to that fair so that Jeet follows her and Police will catch him along with Angel. Saumya says its the only way to serve justice to Heer. Preeto gets worried for Saumya but Saumya says nothing will happen to her. FB ends

Preeto gives blessings to Saumya. Jeet looks at Mahi and leaves from there.

The Episode ends.

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