Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 9th March 2020 Written Update: Harak singh slaps Heer

Today’s episode starts with Preeto asks Heer  if these people are saying that this is true, have you really come from Virat’s house.  Heer says yes I come from Virat’s house.  Preeto scolds her while Virat’s father tells Preeto how shameless your granddaughter is.

Heer tells them that you first go check your family’s metters and then talk to my family.  Virat’s mother wants to slap him because his behavior is rude to Saint Baksh.  But before she  slaps Heer, Preeto holds her hand and says, if my daughter did something wrong, we will punish her.  But people like you who are outsider cannot touch  her, understand.

Heer tells SantBaksh and others that I have done nothing wrong, I wanted to help Virat because he did not want to marry Jharana, if you don’t believe me you can go and ask him , he will tell you the truth.

Meanwhile Harak Singh recalls some old memories of how he saves Heer from the eunuchs when they wanted to take Heer with them and he starts getting burn with anger and he gives Heer a tight  slap as  she don’t shut her mouth when elders speaks, everyone gets  shocked but Shanu feels happy because he has been waiting for this drama for so long.

Heer says, what wrong thing I have done, I have just helped my friend.  There is nothing wrong in helping anyone, Sant Bakhsh tells Harak Singh to take care of your granddaughter as she is out of your hand, while Preeto grabsHeer’s hand  and locks her up.

Later Preeto arrives and apologizes to Virat’s mother for Heer’s behavior while Virat’s mother taunts Preeto and says, you’re the one who gave a long speech about the rites in the hospital.

Now tell me that  Where is your rite, as I  can’t see  any in your children, says Preeto, children are restless at this age, so when they do anything wrong and you consider them wrong  and give them punishment this also  your  rite.

And if you want, we can also go to the house of Jharana, Sant Baksh says, there is no need and left.  There Heer and Virat think of each other and want to confess their feelings in front of whole world.

Later Harak Singh beats Soham and his elder brother because they cannot take care of Heer, while Preeto scolds her because she felt ashamed and embarrassed infront of outsiders.

Precap : Soham wants know why Harak shing is very protective towards Heer.