Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 26th January 2021 Written Update: Aastha clears the complaints against her

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 26th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shaurya asking Anokhi to submit her transfer certificate and 50,000 rupees then she can’t join college. Anokhi gets stunned and says its really difficult for her. Shaurya and Anokhi argue. She asks how to arrange it before 11 am the next day. Shaurya says that it’s the rules and regulations of the college and gives her the prospect.

He asks her to collie the rules in order to stay in the college. Shaurya is about to leave when Anokhi stops him. She asks what mistake did she that he hates her so much. She asks if je hates her or Aastha mam. She says venting out his anger on Aastha on her is wrong thing. Shaurya makes an excuse and is about to leave.

Anokhi says she not only sees hate and anger but also pain in his eyes. Shaurya recalls Aastha leaving him. She says that she will manage to pay and asks him to take care of himself first. Shaurya leaves mocking her. Anokhi watches him worried. Shaurya gets in the car and Makkan offers him water. He stares at him. Makkan asks why does Anokhi looks worried but he shuts him.

Police brings Raja to Aastha’s college. Raja complains against Aastha for being a bad influence. Inspector asks for Aastha’s explanation. Principal supports Aastha. Aastha gets Anokhi’s call at the same time but she doesn’t pick up. Anokhi gets worried. Raja asks Principal to not give transfer certificate to Anokhi.

Few other teachers come in support of Aastha. Anokhi again calls Aastha and she picks it. Anokhi asks for her transfer certificate. Aastha puts the phone on speaker so that everyone can hear and Anokhi explains everything. She requests Principal for transfer certificate and apologizes for the inconvenience. Raja is about to snatch the phone but Inspector stops him.

Aastha promises to visit Chandigarh the next day with her transfer certificate. Anokhi thanks her and cuts the call. Inspector scolds Raja for false complaints. Raja fumes while Police gives him warning. Everyone asks him to leave and he does. Principal warns Aastha to not repeat whatever happened now in future. She signs Anokhi’s transfer certificate and gives it to Aastha.

Anokhi worries about 50,000 rupees. Babli brings Halwa to Anokhi and finds her upset. She asks who came to visit her before. Anokhi says about Shaurya and her difficult situation. Babli praises her for getting admission and asks her not to worry. She gives her bangles to Anokhi but Anokhi refuses it.

Babli says that it’s given by mom and her in laws have nothing to do with it. She asks her to pawn it until she gets her scholarship. Anokhi still denies but Babli forces her to accept. She asks her to think that it’s her investment for her future. She says once she studies and gets a job, she’ll come and live with her in her house. Anokhi hugs her emotionally and they both feed Halwa to each other.

Shaurya recalls Anokhi’s words when Devi comes there. Devi asks what happened but Shaurya hides his feelings. She finds his watch missing and asks about it as she gifted it to him. Shaurya apologizes to her and says that he lost it. Devi asks him to not worry as she’ll get something better. She asks him to let go off disappeared things including Aastha. She says she’ll not let her on the city at any cost.

Shaurya smiles while Devi leaves. Tej’s brother wonders how could Anokhi get admission in the college and discusses it with Shaurya. Shaurya indirectly taunts Shaan for helping her and Shaan hears it. Aastha is about to leave to Chandigarh when Raja gets on her way. Anokhi is about to leave for college in hurry when Vineet comes there.

Precap : Anokhi gives Shaurya’s watch in exchange of fees but Shaurya snatches it. He accuses her as thief while Vineet blames her for stealing the bangles too.

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