Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Upcoming Twist: Shaan gives Anokhi a Good News

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Pics
Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Upcoming Twist: Shaan gives Anokhi a Good News

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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani even being a new show on Star Plus is doing well in catching viewer’s attention. It is its gripping storyline and concept that is keeping viewers hooked to their Television screens daily at 7 PM. The upcoming episodes of the show is set to witness that how destiny will always keep Anokhi and Shaurya close to each other, whether by hate or love. Destiny will always make them cross paths with each other either way.

In current track viewers are watching that Anokhi and Aastha mam both are facing difficult challenges. Where Aastha mam in Kapurthala receives threat note for helping Anokhi in her runaway. Anokhi on the other side in Chandigarh is facing many difficulties, firstly Auto driver charged high fare and made her late for college, then she had to sleep in college library, next day she faced Shaurya’s rudeness. This was not less, she even got arrested by Police in false charges as a result of misunderstanding.

Shaurya is a misogynist but also a good hearted person. It is Shaurya’s good heart only that even after knowing that Anokhi is Aastha mam’s (whom he hates/misunderstand) student, he helps her to get rid of the false case. Anokhi thanks him and police officer who helped her. She sleeps outiside Police station night before interview. Shaurya even offers her a place to live in his guest house.

Shaurya helps Anokhi one more time when she feels dizzy. He handles her with his hands. He scolds her and ask her to care of herself. He adds that, “You are not a kid anymore, you can’t keep looking for a support all the time”

In further episodes, viewers will get to watch that Anokhi’s interview will start. Shaurya will put forward very difficult questions, but Anokhi will answer all with full confidence. If sources are to be believed, at one question she will stuck but will do good further. She will have to wait a lot for the results but she will make it. Shaan will be the one who will give her the good news that she cleared/passed the interview. She will get very happy with this news and walk here and there with enjoyment. She will also promise Shaan that she will prove herself and make him, Aastha mam, her family and everyone proud. Shaurya will get confused seeing Anokhi’s happiness and Talent.

So, finally Anokhi cleared the interview. She will get admission in SIAC (Sabherwal Institute of Arts and Commerce)

Will Anokhi finally be able to start her studies or Shaurya and Tej will bring more obstacles in her way to her dreams? Will Shaan and Aastha come back together because of Anokhi and Shaurya? Will Shaurya ever be able to reach truth and understand his mother’s innocence?

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