Chithi 21st January 2021 Written Update: Kavin’s promise to Venba

Chithi 21st January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin making dough for chapati. Kavin asks Venba to try with him. He tells milk should be added to make dough soft. He tells when he was in abroad for studies, he used to work as a cook in part time. Kavin holds Venba’s hands on the pretext of teaching her to make dough. Venba realizes it and glares at him. Venba asks him to remove his hands else she will hit him with the dough. Kavin asks her to go ahead. Venba smiles.

Venba arranges Kavin’s bed. Kavin thanks her. Kavin lies to Venba there’s a lizard in the room so he can sleep on the bed. Venba gets scared, but she tells she will manage and asks him to sleep down. Ravi phones Kavin as they preplanned. Ravi tells there are lots of lizards in the house and it considered as bad omen if lizard falls on one’s hand. Kavin cuts the call. Venba gets scared. She requests Kavin to sleep on the bed, but his hands or legs shouldn’t touch her. Kavin says he can’t promise anything. Venba brings a shall and ties his hands and legs. Kavin is upset. Venba falls asleep. Kavin admires Venba then he too falls asleep.

Mallika asks Kavin to take Yazhini with him to the office as they’re partners in business. Kavin agrees they’re partners but he can’t take her wherever he goes. Mallika asks what’s the problem. Kavin tells Yazhini knows the office then why he should take her. Mallika speaks emotionally and tells she knows what is good for him. Kavin says she doubts him so she’s doing like this. Mallika denies. She tells she wants to see them together and asks Kavin to agree for her sake. Kavin agrees but he will take Yazhini from tomorrow. He has an important meeting today. Yazhini is upset but she agrees. Kavin promises to spend time with Yazhini after returning and leaves. Dharma decides to follow Kavin to know where he goes.

Dharma gets happy on Seeing Venba. The latter gives the house key to Kavin and tells she’s going to coimbatore as her dad got released and he and chithi can go anytime to coimbatore to meet her. Kavin tells he didn’t think about it. Venba tells he always think only about himself and never think about her. Kavin takes out Venba’s thaali. Dharma gets astonished but elated that Kavin married his daughter.

Kavin tells he helped to prove his dad innocence, he agreed to sleep respectly for her, he took a separate house for her. Venba tells they live a secret life. Kavin asks her to wait for 48 days and promises that he will fix everything right and reveal their marriage truth to everyone after 48 days. Venba comes to the temple. She tells she’s staying with Kavin with her will though she denies. She prays that everthing should be sorted out in these 48 days, the both family should accept their marriage.

The episode ends.