Sherdil Shergill 12th January 2023 Written Update: Nirali understands Bhairav Singh’s plan

Sherdil Shergill 12th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj saying Manmeet she should never bend infront of anyone because of him. Manmeet smiles happily. Raj Kumar says sorry on call to Priyanka and warns her not to do anything against Manmeet and Anmol like she did previously. Priyanka says she is very happy that he apologized. Raj tells he just did so as he was asked to do not because he was wrong. Priyanka asks him to give lots of love to Manmeet. Manmeet asks Raj if everything is sorted. He says she sent lots of love for Manmeet.

Manmeet jokes about it and says she is happy that Raj Kumar is becoming mature now. He says if she thought he and Anmol are in same class. Manmeet says sometimes Anmol acts more mature than him. Raj says its because Anmol is his son. Mr Yadav talks to Nirali and says just in one day she saved 6 lakhs at this rate she & Manmeet together will replace him and Raj Kumar. Nirali laughs happily thinking he is complementing her. But then Mr Yadav starts showing his true colors and taunts Nirali for forgetting their values and traditions.

Nirali understands his plan and asks if he fell sick just to teach her a lesson. She says how they don’t bring brinjal at home because he is allergic to it. Mr Yadav acts and doesn’t say anything. Nirali says its no big deal for to him fake to show her place. Next morning, Manmeet asks Mr Yadav if he is feeling better and inquires about Nirali. Manmeet tells Nirali that she will help her with breakfast so that they can go to office in time. Mr Yadav eavesdrops their conversation.

Nirali denies going to office and says she is happy to take care of house responsibilities and cannot do both things together. Manmeet tries to make her understand but Nirali doesn’t agree. A guy comes to receive parcel from Gunjan from her in laws behalf. Gunjan gives the money but lies to Puneet that it was some clothes her mother in law left back. Puneet tells Gunjan to say her the truth as she has been noticing her talking frequently to Raj Kumar. Gunjan lies to Puneet again. Her mother in law calls and threatens her to send rest of the money asap and not let her parents know about it.

Gunjan meets Raj Kumar and begs him to help her. He tries to make her understand that its wrong to get blackmailed like this. Gunjan asks him to give her money as soon as possible. Murari overhears everything and passes the information to Mr Yadav who thinks to use this as a bait to create misunderstanding between Raj Kumar and Manmeet. Even Priyanka tells she has something planned. The episode ends with Mr Yadav bringing up topic about Gunjan on breakfast table and Murari says he saw her at office last day. Manmeet is shocked and asks why Raj didn’t tell her about it.

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