Sherdil Shergill 24th January 2023 Written Update: Nirali taunts Mr Yadav

Sherdil Shergill 24th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nirali asking if we she can take few kachoris home. Puneet asks if she really liked them. Raj gets happily surprised and brings them. He asks her to give his kheer. Nirali tells him not to eat alone and share with Manmeet. Raj tells her to keep coming he feels good. Puneet asks Raj to go and explain truth to Nirali. Raj tells Nirali he needs to go to office and if he can go with her. Nirali asks why is he asking permission for such small thing. Raj says just because he stays away from home doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss her.

Nirali asks Raj why he is doing all the household chores when its Manmeet’s responsibilities. Raj says office won’t work without Manmeet so he has decided to become house husband instead. Nirali asks why he has to do it. Raj explains he wants to prove himself as a good father. He asks her to wait as he will change and come. Raj says he want to go to office as he has to take the kachoris he made for Manmeet.

At office Raj informs peon to go and tell Manmeet that Raj is waiting in cabin with tiffin for her and later he will go to buy vegetables. Peon goes and says the same to Manmeet in conference room. Staffs mock how Raj was MD and now is behaving like a house wife. Mishraji asks them to go and work. Mr Yadav talks to his client and lies about Raj being abroad. He explains to Murari and Priyanka that his client is important and values joint family. Nirali comes back home and Mr Yadav starts mocking her for going to meet Raj. She instead gets angry at him and taunts him for turning Raj Kumar into servant. She gives him the kachoris and tells him to keep crying for losing their only son.

Manmeet comes to cabin and Raj says her to close her eyes first. Manmeet does it. Raj Kumar shows her favorite kachoris which he made. Manmeet says him that they should keep their matter private and its not necessary to let everyone know about him handling the household as she hates how people around are mocking him. Raj Kumar tells her that he wants to teach them that house work is a work too. He asks Manmeet to eat and says even Nirali knows about it as she saw him working when she visited today.

Mr Yadav blames Priyanka for making Raj go away from them. Later Manmeet asks the staffs who made fun of Raj to make coffee for her. They mistakenly drop it on floor and start wiping it. Manmeet comes there and says how they don’t do these work at home but are doing at office because their boss told them. The episode starts with Manmeet questioning them who gave them right to mock Raj Kumar.

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