Sherdil Shergill: Raj Kumar and Manmeet gets locked in freezer room?

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Colors TV show Sherdil Shergill has been grabbing all the love and attention of audience with constant turns and twists. With Raj being persistent in making Manmeet accept his love, will she finally give up?

In the previous episode Raj asked Manmeet to say what he wanted to hear, to say she loves him. Manmeet told him to shut up but Raj said her to apply balm on his back as he has got hurt. He kept teasing her. Manmeet thought what Raj is doing with her, neither can she ignore him nor move forward.

Raj eagerly waited for Manmeet to come in party. He was blown off seeing Manmeet in the dress he had sent. She said him hope its proved to him that she doesn’t love him. Raj said its ok as atleast she came here. Raj kept confessing his feelings to Manmeet as he hugged her and while dancing Raj asked Manmeet why she is not saying those three words to him.

Raj got close to her and they are about to kiss when Manmeet pushed him aside and entered inside freezer room. Raj followed her inside. Both Raj and Manmeet tremble with cold as they got locked inside. Raj tried to open the door with rod and Manmeet kept her hand on his to help him.

Will Raj and Manmeet come out safely?

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