Shiv Shakti Tap Tyaag Tandav 10th November 2023 Written Update: Shiv selects Parvati’s marriage outfit

Shiv Shakti 10th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nandi reads the guest list of Shiv’s marriage. He reads ghosts, birds, animals and asurs name. Public gets excited to attend Shiv’s marriage. Nandi tells others to do the preparations fastly and get ready. One man tells Nandi that Shiv went to buy marriage outfit for Parvati so they will get ready once Shiv returns.


In the asur lok, Shankhchur tells Tarakasur that Shiv invited them for the marriage so they should go or not. Tarakasur says that they have to go to execute his plan. He adds that his plan is secret and laughs. On the other hand, Parvati’s friends teases Parvati. Parvati tells her friends that she will get a chance to wear most beautiful outfit. She says that Shiv will choose her marriage outfit and gets shy. Later, Mainavati and Himavan takes Parvati for puja. Parvati learns that, that place is related to Sati. She thinks that she is Guldevi of her.

Shiv, Narayan, Goddess Lakshmi and Narad goes to buy marriage outfit for Parvati in human avatar. Shiv sees people doing puja to shivling. They goes to shop to buy saree for Parvati. Goddess Lakshmi don’t like anything. She asks shop owner to show priceless saree. Shop owner sends her to another shop.

After some time, Goddess Lakshmi likes one saree. She tells Shiv that this is beautiful. Shiv tells her that she is forgetting her promise. He says that they want priceless saree for Parvati. They moves from there. Shiv says that money, diamonds has nothing to do with priceless. Narad asks Shiv that what they should do now.

In the temple, an old lady brings a saree for Goddess Shakti. Two ladies scolds that old lady for bringing normal saree. That old lady apologizes to Goddess Shakti. She says that she don’t have money to buy expensive saree. She keeps the saree with other sarees. She asks Lord Shiv to let her live as his devotee until she dies. She chants har har mahadev. Shiv and others sees all this. That old lady is about to fall down but Shiv holds her. She blesses him. She tells him that Lord Shiv would have sent him to help her. She chants har har mahadev and leaves from there. Shiv takes the saree which that old lady kept there. He tells Goddess Lakshmi that they got priceless saree for Parvati.

Goddess Lakshmi asks Shiv that how can he say this normal saree is priceless. Shiv tells her that, that old lady gifted this saree with faith and love. He says that nothing is more precious than faith and love. He tells her that he will gift this priceless saree to Parvati. Meanwhile, Parvati vows to begin her marriage life from where Sati’s marriage life ended.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Shiv tells Goddess Lakshmi to take the saree to Himavan’s place. Mainavati asks that if Shiv sent this saree for Parvati.

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