Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 10th November 2023 Written Update: Neerja stops Abhir from signing the deal

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 10th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neerja thinking that she has to stop Abhir from signing the documents. Neerja takes a knife in her hand and slit her hand. Her blood splashed on that document. Everyone is shocked to see it. Sheik asks her how she could ruin the documents. Neerja tells him it’s happened mistakenly. Sheik lashes out at her. Abhir gets angry at him. Sheik pretends to show his care for Neerja. Abhir says that he can sign another document. Sheik asks them to bring another copy of it. Abhir gives first aid to Neerja. She admires him. Trisha gets jealous. She asks Neerja how could she ruin such an important document. Sheik is angry at her. Abhir says that mistakes will happen but he shouldn’t get angry at her in this way. Sheik says that he likes his wife. He says that he arranged a dinner for them. He can sign the documents there. Neerja signals to him don’t agree to it. Trisha asks him to go with her. Abhir agrees with him. She feels helpless. Sheik signals to his assistant.


Neerja lies to Sheik that his slippers are broken. Trisha says to Abhir that she is tired. She asks him to attend the dinner. Neerja thinks it’s the right time to talk with him. She enters into his room. Abhir scolds her. He asks her why she is coming between them often. Neerja says to Abhir that she thinks about others too. Abhir says that he doesn’t believe her. Neerja closes his mouth and asks him to listen to her first. She is about to reveal to him about Sheik. Trisha comes there. She is shocked to see them together. She scolds her for going near Abhir. She says that Moushmi is right. She had to keep Abhir far from Neerja. She asks her to stay away from Abhir. Sheik gave money to her. Her husband is waiting outside but she is trying to get close to Abhir. She says to her that she will kill her if she tries to do it. Abhir says let’s listen to her. Trisha says that Neerja will talk with him in sugar-coated words to betray him. They shouldn’t fall into her trap. Trisha asks her to get out of his room. Neerja feels heartbroken and goes from there. Abhir says to Trisha that she shouldn’t behave like that. She had to listen to what she wanted to say. Trisha says that she is sorry. But she stayed away from him for many years. She can’t do it anymore. Abhir consoles her.

A waiter gives a bouquet to Neerja. He says to her that Sheik arranged a special night’s dinner for her. Neerja is shocked to hear it. Neerja ordered seafood for her. He says that it’s a special menu in their hotel. Neerja thinks that she intentionally ordered this sea food. If something happens to her, Sheik is not able to touch her. Later, Sheik welcomes Abhir and Trisha. The waiter gives the food to them. Neerja is about to save Abhir but Trisha stops her. She serves him. Sheik says to him that the documents are ready. He can sign for it after dinner. Sheik says to Neerja that Didun said to him that she wanted to spend time with him. It seems she liked him a lot. Trisha asks Abhir to eat. Abhir thinks that Neerja wants to say something to him. Sheik asks Abhir to stay in the hotel. He says that reputed family members won’t stay with a girl in the same room before a wedding. Trisha smirks at Neerja.

Didun asks Shamli where Chakri is. Shamli tells her that today isn’t well. He offers extra money to Didun to get Chakri. Didun asks Chakri to go with him. He takes Chakri from there. Shabbo Rani says to Didun that no one dared to behave like Neerja with her. Didun says that she went with Sheik. If someone tries to mess with her, then she will smash them under her feet. Sheik asks Abhir to sign the paper. Neerja thinks that Abhir isn’t aware of Sheik’s plan. She says to him that they won’t sign any documents after 11. It’s a bad omen. She says that she is saying it for his good. She asks him not to sign. Abhir says that she is right. Sheik says that she loves him a lot. He says that he arranged a special night with her. Abhir gets irritated. Later, Sheik tries to romance with Neerja. She fainted there. Abhir is shocked to see her in that state.

Episode end

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