Shubharambh 14th August 2020 Written Update: Raja gets a Ray of hope

Shubharambh 14th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raja and Rani getting shocked with the accusations. Rani agrees that they lied about their relationship but they never did any stealing. Pawan denies listening to them and thanks Gunwant for exposing them. He is about to call police but Gunwant stops him and acts pleading to let them go. He agrees for Gunwant and throws Raja and Rani out. Raja and Rani fumes over Gunwant and Kirdida’s trap. Rani is fuming and blames God for once again snatching at 99. Raja calms Rani and they both have tea. Rani gets burned with the hot tea and Raja aids her. Raja makes Rani understand that they made a mistake by choosing the path of lie and asks her to keep hope to find another job. Rani is not confident enough but Raja motivates her and they both leave. Raja and Rani comes back home exhausted as they couldn’t find any job. Rani’s disheartened but Raja cheers her. Rani gets Utsav call who gives her a good news finding a tutoring job for her. She shares it with Raja and they gets happy.

Rani wakes up a sleeping Raja but a stone falls inside their room. They both peep outside to find another stone wrapped in newspaper. Rani opens the paper and gets shocked seeing their pictures as thieves in the paper. Aasha too shows them the newspaper that reads them as couple thieves. They understand that it’s Gunwant’s game plan and Raja leaves to confront them. Gunwant and Kirdida mocks Raja and Rani for having all their ways closed. Kirdida asks them to select the inly path and asks Raja to sign the contract and join the shop. Rani taunts them for suffering such a big loss in Raja’s absence. She mocks pity them and announces that no matter what happens Raja will never come back to the shop. Gunwant and Kirdida fumes seeing Aasha, Raja and Rani standing united.

Chukki too reads the news about Raja and Rani when Utsav comes there. He gives her the good news of getting job and dreams of fulfilling the family needs. Chukki doesn’t want to spoil his good mood by revealing the news and hides it. Rani fights with God for continuing her bad luck lineage to Raja too. She says that she will not light the lamp till she gets a way to solve their problem. However she soon changes her mind and turns to light the lamp to find Raja already lighting it. Rani offers to leave the city but Raja believes in God. Rani spots their childhood shoe and they both search for the other one. On the other hand Mukesh Bhai visits Gunwant and he greets him. Raja comes in search of another shoe when he hears Mukesh Bhai saying about his son franchising a shoe making business and he’s there to combine with Raja Suiting and Shirting for the business. Mukesh Bhai and Gunwant insults Raja but Raja is least bothered about it as he has another plan in his mind. Rani fumes seeing Raja insulted and wonders why he’s silent.

Raja comes to Rani and says that they could do the business and Rani says about Mukesh Bhai being friends with Gunwant and how he’s feeling against them. Raja says all the possibilities to change the all the negativity into positive. Rani is still not convinced when Raja decides to play a game. He says that if they find the another shoe in the next 5 minutes then they would consider doing this business. Raja keeps stop watch and they both starts searching in Aasha’s room. Aasha says about keeping it in store room and they finds the store room locked.