Shubharambh 25th August 2020 Written Update: Raja and Rani gets cleared off their names

Shubharambh 25th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gunwant dipping the shoes in dirt. Rani asks what she wants. Gunwant says that he wants Raja to be in the shop as his servant and sign the contract. He wants her to fall on his feet and apologise. He says if they does so then all their tension will be over.

Rani agrees and apologizes Gunwant shocking Aasha and Raja. She asks them to give the papers and will ask Raja to sign it. Aasha and Raja question her what she’s doing. Rani says that they made us thieves in front of Bawin Shah and published it in newspaper, he suffered in jail and she’s scared now. Kirdida reveals that it’s them who sent Raja to jail shocking everyone.

Gunwant reveals how he proved then thieves in front of Bawin Shah. He also reveals that it’s him who gave the news so that they would never get a job anywhere. He asks them to sign the paper soon. Rani pleads him to sign the papers. Gunwant taunts Raja and Raja asks Rani how she could ask him to sign after they’ve gone through.

Gunwant urges them and Rani pleads Raja to sign. She picks the bowl with papers and forwards it in front of Raja. Raja is about to pick the papers but Rani throws the bowl away and it falls on Bawin’s feet shocking everyone.

Bawin looks fuming at Gunwant and Kirdida. Rani recalls calling Bawin on Gunwant’s name there lying to him that they want to sponsor the marathon event. She arranges a meeting with Gunwant and called him there. Bawin gets disgusted at Gunwant’s act. Rani reveals that she spoke about the deal in front of her to trap her. It’s actually a combined plan of Rani and Aasha.

She also reveals that the shoes he immersed in dirt is actually old one and shows them the real bags. She apologizes Bawin for bringing him here lying. Rani says about their new business and says that they want to sell their shoes in marathon. She says that they hid about their relationship because their own family is plotting against them.

She apologizes Raja for lying again but to bring out the truth she needs to do it. She asks Raja to explain about the shoes to Bawin Shah. Raja explains it and Bawin says that he’s ready to buy the 200 shoes not for it’s name but for the ones who’s selling it. He gives them the payment for 200 shoes shocking everyone.

Raja and his family gets happy while Gunwant and Kirdida fumes. He apologizes Raja and Rani for misunderstanding them and asks if he needs to fail a case against Gunwant. Raja says that it’s not needed as he got to know the truth and that’s all they want. Bawin says that he’ll make sure to clear their name which got damaged because of him.

Raja says he can’t understand but Bawin says that they will know soon. Raja leaves with Bawin to deliver the shoes. Rani taunts Gunwant and Kirdida and says that Raja will shine like a sun.