Shubharambh 30th December 2019 Written Update: Jharna reveals a shocking truth to Kirdada!

The episode starts with Kirdada saying that Rani will bring 50 lakh to the house and Hitan gets shocked. She says about the lottery. She says that Raja’s marriage should never happen with Rani. Rani’s mother is worried about the marriage preparations when Hitan calls Rani’s mother. He asks her to come to his house with Rani’s father and she agrees. She gets worried.

Rani volunteers to accompany her as her father is not home but Rani’s mother denies. She leaves whike Utsav wonders whether they got to know about the lottery forgery. Hitan asks Rani’s mother to stop all the marriage preparations in their house. Aasha gets shocked. Everyone in Rani’s House are tensed as its been a hour and there’s no news.

Rani asks them to not worry else Raja would’ve called her. Rani’s mother comes home and They all question her. She says that they want all the marriage preparations to be done together and they all get happy. Rani gets Raja’s message and smile.

Rani is about to have a juice but Raja signals her to take the other one matching his. They both exchange glances. Hitan and Kirdada welcomes everyone. They discuss that everything is going according to their plan. Jharna wonders what’s the plan of Kirdada. She’s sure that something is cooking in her mind. Raja gets rose for Rani and calls Guddi. He gives the rose to Guddi and asks to give it to Rani.

But while taking the rose falls down and she gives only the stem and leaves. Raja and Rani both find the rose on ground and is about to take it. They both bump their heads and fall in eyelock. Aasha calls Utsav and asks about lottery money. He asks if she trust her. Aasha says that just because she’s trusting him she’s going ahead with the marriage. She warns him that it’s his sister’s life and leaves. Raja gives rose to Rani and is about to bump his head again but Aasha calls them. Aasha praises Rani’s beauty and Hitan and Kirdada smirks seeing it.

Pandit comes with two dogs shocking everyone. Aasha and Jharna understands that it’s Kirdada’s plan. They asks the reason for bringing dogs. He says their house as grah dosh. Due to it according to the horoscopes of both their sons and daughters in law they could die. So their daughters in law should first marry the dogs as a ritual. Aasha too agrees while everyone else gets shocked. Rani denies doing the ritual.

Jharna’s mother signals her something and Jharna agrees pretending to care for family. Everyone forces Rani but Raja supports Rani. Aasha too supports Kirdada. The ritual starts and Raja still denies for the ritual.

Pandit advises to either do the ritual or postpone the marriage for six months on an auspicious day. Aasha too denies and asks to agree for pooja. Rani enquires Pandit about the ritual. Pandit stands tensed and stammers. In his tension he says that she’ll die right after 10 or 15 minutes of haldi. Rani applies haldi from Raja’s hand and waits for 20 minutes for her death. Raja and Rani’s mother asks her to have water and Rani coughs and faints. Everyone gets shocked. Kirdada creates drama but it turns out to be her dream while Rani is all fine. 20 minutes gets over and Rani taunts Pandit.

Precap : Rani scolds Pandit