Sirat to punch Manish hard: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan starrer Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is gearing up for high voltage drama. Mauri learns Sirat has started developing a feelings for Kartik and asks her to take decision of her life wisely. Sirat decides to prove Mauri wrong by living happily with Ranveer. Meanwhile, Chauhan lays a trap for Sirat and calls Goenka’s for the dinner. He questions Kartik and Sirat’s relationship. Ranveer take a side of Sirat. Sirat stays quiet. Ahead, Sirat recalls Chauhan’s word and gets restless. Kartik confront Sirat about not giving befitting reply to Chauhan. Sirat cries. Ranver comes and console Sirat. He asks Sirat to focus on her boxing and avoid Chauhan. Ranveer adds they know they reside in each other’s heart thus, they should not focus on what others are saying. Sirat cries loudly. Kartik and Ranveer both stands perplexed. Mauri comes and Sirat runs and hug her.

Mauri asks Kartik and Ranver to leave as she will take care of Sirat. Ranveer says to look after Sirat as he can’t understand why latter is behaving strange. Kartik says he too has never seen Sirat like this. Mauri says sometimes Sirat gets anxious about small things. She assures Ranver and Kartik that she will take care of Sirat.

There, Karitk clarifies to Ranver that nothing happed between Sirat and him. Ranver asks Kartik not to give any clarification, as he trust him and Sirat both. Here, Mauri asks Sirat to think over her decision whatever is going inside her. She suggest Sirat to clear her doubts about her feelings as soon as possible. Further, Manish call Sirat home for signing the papers. Sirat learns Kartik is not at home and visit Goenka’s.

Now in the upcoming episode, Kairav will ask Sirat and Manish to have a boxing match. Sirat will punch Manish hard. How Goenka’s will react on Sirat’s act will be interesting to watch.

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