Siya Ke Ram 16th April 2020 Written Update: Kaushalya tells Ram about Shanta’s sacrifice

Siya Ke Ram 16th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ram asks why Shanta is not staying with them and what’s the need of her idol? Kaushalya says Dasharatha sacrificed Shanta to have a son and because of that sacrifice only now he has 4 sons. Ram shocks hearing her.

In Mithila, Mandavi and Shrutakirti don’t eats anything, Sita tries to feed Shrutakirti but Shrutakirti denies to have food. Sita asks her sisters to eat for her and says Sunaina made this food especially for them and feeds Shrutakirti. Mandavi was about to go from there but Sita stops her. Mandavi says she won’t go anywhere leaving Sita. Sita says then Mandavi’s parents have to live without her and asks her to think about her parents. She says sankasya is near to mithila so whenever they wants they can meet each other and goes to bring one toy for her. Urmila follows Sita. Shrutakirti says Sita is right, they have to live with her parents. Mandavi says that’s true but without Janak, Sunaina, Sita and Urmila their family won’t be completed.

In ayodhya, Ram asks why Kaushalya hide this from him? Kaushalya says what if he gets upset with them after knowing the truth and says he can’t understand her pain. Ram says if she won’t tell full truth then he will ask to Dasharatha. She says Dasharatha doesn’t wanted Ram to know this truth because he thought Ram can’t tolerate this. He asks that’s why they are punishing him without telling the truth. She asks him to not say like that, says she is just punishing herself because she doesn’t able to stop anything and Shanta sacrificed everything. He asks why they wanted son that too sacrificing their own daughter? She says Dasharatha wished to have son that’s why he even married Kaikeyi and Sumitra.

She says how brave Shanta was but Dasharatha never appreciated her because she is his daughter not son. She says after giving birth to Shanta she felt complete. She says Dasharatha met Guru Vashistha and told his worry of not having son and asked what will happen to his next generation, people will make fun of him for not having a son, he asked him to tell any solution for his problem. Guru Vashistha told Dasharatha that there is one solution but that’s really difficult. He told if Rishyasringa did yagna then Dasharatha may have son.

Dasharatha tells Kaushalya that he tried every possible way to bring Rishyasringa but nothing happened. He gets worried thinking what to do next, Shanta comes there and tells that she will go there to bring Rishyasringa. Kaushalya gets worried listening her and asks Dasharatha to say something but he stays silent. Shanta leaves from there after taking blessings from Dasharatha.

Kaushalya asks him to stop Shanta. Shanta goes inside the forest like a normal girl after giving her jewels to her friends. Shanta’s friends gives that jewels to Kaushalya, using that jewels she made the idol of Shanta. Kaushalya says Shanta isn’t with her but she is living with Shanta because of this idol, few says she became mad but she can’t even imagine what would have happened without this idol only she knows what she is going through.

Ram asks she ever met Shanta again? Kaushalya says in yugna she saw Shanta as Rishyasringa’s wife not as her daughter. Ram says he wants to meet Shanta. Kaushalya says Dasharatha won’t give permission to meet Shanta. Ram says he knows Dasharatha, he will give permission. Kaushalya cries hugging him. Ram promises to himself that Kaushalya will meet Shanta for sure and the gab between Dasharatha and Kaushalya will vanish and he will make sure of that.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dasharatha asks what Ram wants. Ram says he gets to know about his sister Shanta. Chandrabhaga asks Sita about Mandavi and Shrutakirti because they are missing in palace.