Soulmate: Chapter : 1

The story begins in a marriage function. All peoples looks busy in the marriage arrangements or receiving guest. Today is Fateh’s sister Simar marriage. Fateh’s close friend Buzzo gonna marry her with everyone’s permission. Simar who is a divorcee. She has a son named candy. She is not ready to marry second time but her close friend Tejo whom convinced her to do this marriage. She helped her a lot to council her. She is very close with Tejo and her sister Jasmin. Simar married early so she couldn’t continue her higher studies meanwhile Tejo done her master degree and turns to be a professor in college. Jasmin used to cling with Tejo so she is close to Tejo’s friends also.

Fateh whom loves his elder sister Simar a lot. He always wishes to see his sister leading a happy life like others. He doesn’t trust anyone so he suggested to family his friend Buzzo is a good character he wishes to see him holding his sister’s hand. Everyone agrees to this marriage except Simar. They tried their best to make her understand but she is not listening to anyone reasoning she fears that her second marriage also end up like first marriage life. Only Tejo whom kept advises her and makes her accept this decision pointing out Candy’s future. Fateh only knew that Simran’s friend changed her mind so he is really thankful to her. He wishes to thank her friend. Neither he don’t know her name not he met her before? Simran assures to him that she will invite her for her marriage and introduce her to him.

Fateh is really busy in doing the marriage arrangements. Candy is giving tough time to him by playing around him. Just then Tejo and Jasmin reaches to the mandap. Fateh didn’t notices them at all. He feels something strange when someone crossed him. One girl’s dhuppatta falls on his face he feels strange inside him. He notices two girls are crossing him only back of them showing to him. He ignores his thoughts seeing Candy. Candy runs from there and falls down. He starts crying Fateh runs near him but stops in his way hearing the girl consoling him cutely. He could only hear that beautiful voice. He opens the curtain and finds him carried by one girl whom wearing Yellow kurti. Before he goes near her someone called him. He gets busy in talking with that person. He finishes his talk and runs to notice that girl. He gets stunned seeing the girl near Simar. It’s none other Jasmin. Fateh gets a smile on his face seeing his crush there after long days. He falls into a flashback where he see her for the first time. It was the day when he was invited to give a speech to college students. He represents Punjab’s boxing championship. So students got excited to meet him there. After that motivational speech he was in his way to back home he heard one beautiful girl singing. He stopped in his way and walked through the side where that sound coming. He opens the window and notices Jasmin singing there. He falls for her melodious song and beauty too. He wishes to know her name but he got one call so he gets distracted by it.

Fateh comes to reality he smiles seeing jasmin there. He asks to candy who is that girl standing near Simar? Candy tells him she was the one helped him when he fell down. He asks him why is she? Candy thinks for a while and says she is Simar’s college friend. Fateh happiness having no bounds after learning his crush whom helped Simar to convince for her second marriage. His love for Jasmin increased unaware of the truth Tejo whom done it all. Fateh notices Jasmin laughing happily with Simar he feels like he is falling for her more and more.

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