Soulmate: Chapter : 2

Scene begins in Fateh wishes to talk with Jasmin so he goes near but someone collied with him. His sherwani and face fully covered with colors. Fateh turns to that person angrily. Tejo whom collied with him without noticing she apologies to him. Jasmin stares laugh at Fateh seeing his state. It’s irritate Fateh alot because he lost his face in front of his crush. He thinks Tejo is the reason behind it. He starts scolding Tejo in anger Jasmin comes there and supports Tejo and says to him she collied with him mistakenly why is he shouting on her like this. Fateh thinks why is she arguing with him for this girl? Fateh tries to talk with Jasmin nicely but she scolds him and leaves from there. Fateh gets disappointed with Tejo in his first meeting itself. He thinks she is the reason he gets wrong impression in front of Jasmin. Tejo cries thinking about the incident. She never thinks that someone will scold her like this. In this whole matter both didn’t see his face clearly and has no idea who is he? Simar comes there and consoles Tejo.

Candy runs to her and makes her laugh with his kiddish behaviours. Fateh family really likes Tejo a lot she is calm nature and very impressive personality. She talks little but gives respect to all elders. Jasmin is talkative girl and opposite character of Tejo. Tejo used to hide her feelings from all and do anything for her family and friends. Jasmin is her favourite one so she will do anything for her happiness. Even Jasmin like Tejo a lot she can’t able to see someone hurting Tejo. Tejo shares everything to jasmin except one thing. Her love of her life. Jasmin and her family know little that Tejo loves someone but she never shared to them who is that person? Whenever Jasmin asks about him Tejo will give little hint to her but always it’s an puzzle to Jasmin because she never find anyone in their surroundings with those qualities. Jasmin’s dream is to go to Canada and settle there. Recently she added one more commitment in her life is to unite Tejo’s love to her. She is in the mission to find him. Why Tejo hiding her love from them is still a question mark to them.

Fateh family unaware of the truth that Tejo loving someone and wishes to ask her hand for Fate seeing her nature. Another side Fateh is behind Jasmin always to impress her. Fateh too behaves well with Jasmin’s family to get good name in front of them. But still he didn’t get good time to meet Jasmin and open up his feelings to her.

Screen froze

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