Soulmate: Chapter : 4

Scene begins in Virk family decides to ask Tejo hand for Fateh after Simar marriage. Tomorrow is Simar marriage so everyone decides to play something to entertain them self. Girls wishes to play truth or dare game. Simar gets a dare to call her soon to be husband and talk with him romantically in front of all. Simar did like that everyone claps for her. When Jasmin turns come she asks Tejo to reveal her dream boy name or how will he look like? Tejo stays silent and refuses to answer her. Jasmin compelled her to say it or choose the dare as a punishment. Tejo agrees to do the dare challenge. Jasmin asks her to close her eyes and counts for 10 times then whom is crossing her while she opening her eyes she wanna say I love you to that person. Tejo denies it reasoning it will create problems to her but Jasmin is adamant in her decision. She convinces her may some lady can cross her so nothing will go wrong we are here to explain the situation. Tejo agrees to do the challenge.

Tejo closes her eyes and starts counting. She opens her eyes and says I Love You to the person whom standing opposite to her. She gets shock to see Fateh standing just opposite to her while glaring her. Fateh gets angry and says on her face he is not interested in her stop following him. He loves someone already. He starts talking with her in insulting way. Tejo tries to explain the situation to him but he is not at all ready to listen her. She looks for jasmin there and finds her talking with someone in phone when Simran is busy in talking with relatives. Tejo stands there in silent and takes all blame on her. Better to say Fateh is not giving space to her to explain her side to him. He leaves from there after lashing out at her. Tejo gets disappointed with him. Jasmin returns to her and asks her to say what happened? Tejo leaves from there lying she has head ache. Jasmin doubts what happened to her out of the blue?

Next day Simran marriage. Born groom and Bride are sitting on mandap. Fateh praises Jasmin look she blushes to him. Candy crosses Tejo she lost her balance and falls on Fateh. He holds her and makes her stand straightly. Tejo tries to apologise to him but he asks her to behave herself why did she intentionally falling on him without shame even after he rejected her proposal? Tejo gets angry to hear it and asks him to mind his words. She clears to him that it was a prank don’t misunderstand that she has feelings on him by saying she leaves from there.

Simran calls Tejo to come near her she goes near her to help her adjusting the veil. Fateh keeps glaring Tejo there. Jasmin asks to him what’s going on? He complaints to her that her sister is behaving too much and leaves from there without explaining the situation to her. Jasmin wonders what’s he meant? Finally Buzzo ties the knot with Simran. Candy claps for them. After the function Tejo and Jasmin bids bye to all and leaves from there.

One week passed. Fateh gets appointment letter to join back in Canada office to guide the young boxers. He informs this news to Jasmin she gets happy to hear it and asks him to marry her and take her with him to Canada. He assures to her that he will talk about it with his dad. Fateh searches for his father and learns from Mayi that his family went to meet Rupy to fix his alliance. Fateh gets shock to hear it.

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