Soulmate: Chapter : 3

Scene begins in Simar’s Haldi’s function going on. Fateh is following Jasmin there and somehow stops her and introduces himself to her as Simar’s brother. Jasmin greets him and talking with him casually Fateh praises her beauty. Jasmin tries to show her attitude to him and says thank you for formality. Fateh understand one thing that she loves Canada he wishes to use this chance to open his dream to her. He asks to her Is she know anyone in Canada? Hearing Canada’s name she gets excited and says to him she don’t know anyone there why is he asking this to her? Fateh says to her that he saw someone like her in Canada last time he went to there. Jasmin really get excited to hear it and starts indulge in the topic with him. Fateh uses that opportunity and says to him that he gonna settle in Canada. Jasmin gets impressed by his talk and cling with him always in that function. Tejo is busy in welcoming the guest while moving to give haldi to simar candy crosses her she slips little and it’s fall on Tejo and Fateh. Fateh gets angry on her and lashes out at Tejo. Tejo feels bad for it and apologies to him. Crowds starts whispering only destined couples will get haldi like this in such functions. Jasmin face turns dull hearing it Fateh too notices it and scolds the people.

From that moment he gets wrong impression on Teju. His only aim is to impress Jasmin there. Next in Sangeeth function everyone are dancing together in there. Candy asks everyone to wear the mask and give a dance performance on stage. Fateh wishes to dance with Jasmin so he asks Candy to give the special mask to Jasmin then only he can able to find her easily. Candy asks him to mention who is that? Fateh tells him he wanna give this mask to the aunty whom helped him when he fell down. He nods and gives the mask to her. When the pair dance starts Fateh golds the girls hand whom wearing the mask which gifted by him. He feels like that girl refusing to dance with him but he tells her he is Simran’s brother she can dance with him. She starts dance with him. He enjoys the moments with her and feels the connection with her while dancing. Everyone claps for their chemistry. He wishes to use that situation and propose Jasmin. He takes out the ring and sit on his kneel and tells her he loves her will she marry him? That girl stunned to see this. Just then Fateh noticed Jasmin staring him emotionally from far. He gets up in shock and removed the mask from that girl face. It’s none other then Tejo. She is staying him in shock somewhere she is scared to lost something precious in her life. Fateh follows Jasmin leaving Tejo behind. Tejo seems running in opposite direction surprising all. Buzzo notices this and informs this news to Virks family. Everyone gets happy to learn Fateh loves Tejo it’s perfect time to ask Tejo hand for Fateh. They decided to fix their alliance after discussing with Rupy.

Fateh stops Jamin and tells her something went wrong it’s not supposed to end like this. Jasmin tells him everything is correct she was the one misunderstand him has feelings on her. Fateh says to her its the truth he loves her and wish to marry her. He explains to her how much he loving her from last year and following her to express his love on her. He somehow manages to convince and propose to her. Jasmin too accepts his love. Fateh says to her that he will open this matter to his family after Simar marriage. Jasmin agrees with him.

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