Soulmate ( Udaariyaan serial track): Chapter : 14

Scene begins in Tejo gets shock to see the divorce notice there. Her eyes filled with tears she has no words to say about his act. Fateh snatches the papers from her hands and shows to all. He holds the mike and announces in front of all that from today Tejo is not virks family he divorced her. It’s her birthday gift from him. Hearing this family members also equally shocked. They doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry seeing this. But Tejo’s parents are really happy because she got free from that hell. Rupy hugs his daughter emotionally. Tejo cries in silent. Fateh claps there to get everyone’s attention there.

They stares him, he announces to all one more surprise is waiting for them. Not only its his celebration of divorcing Tejo but also welcoming his life again. He calls Jasmin to come there. He holds her hand and takes her to stage giving surprise to all. Jasmin apologies to all for her mistakes first. She says to them that she eloped from mandap just because she wanna see her sister leading a happy life with her loved one. She adds that she learnt later that she was loving Fateh that’s why she sacrificed her own happiness to see her in happy. But after she left only she learnt she can’t able to live without Fateh she misses him like hell. Fateh feels happy to hear it and gives an side hug to her. Jasmin adds that she heard that Tejo is not happy in this marriage and also Fateh not ready to accept Tejo’s one side love on him. He said clearly that he won’t even consider Tejo as his wife and not gonna accept her in any situation that’s why she agreed to come back to his life. She asks Tejo to forgive her.

Tejo just staring her like statue suppressing her feelings inside. She just turns her face away. Fateh announces to all that tomorrow is his marriage with Jasmin. He says it to watch Tejo’s painful face but she is not showing any expression in her face. Fateh hugs Jasmin in front of Tejo to hurt her more but she is remains silent there.

Suddenly one male mentions Tejo name in mike. That person says only sorry. Tejo’s face gets brighten hearing that voice. Everyone looks at each other not understanding anything there. Tejo is smiling a lot and looking in all direction in the hope to meet that person at least once. Giving surprise to all one handsome hunk enters there. From his clothes and way of waking shows his richness and his background is highly rich one. Tejo stands there like statue seeing him there. Angad her love of her life. The only one person whom steals her heart beats from her. Without thinking once Tejo rushes to him and throws herself in his arms and cries like a kid giving double shock to all there.

Screen froze

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