Soulmate ( Udaariyaan serial track): Chapter : 15

Scene begins in Tejo rushes near Angad and throws herself into him and cries on his chest giving shock to all. Simran and Buzzo smiles happily seeing them together. Virk family gives weird expression seeing this. Even Jasmin and Fateh are clueless there. Angad consoles Tejo and wipes her tears. He apologies to her for being late. She beats him throwing out her all hidden anger and emotions on him. Somewhere family members feels strange seeing their bond. Angad holds her hands and kisses on it and apologies again for everything. Seeing this Fateh gets angry somewhere in his heart but he doesn’t know what to mention about his feelings. Fateh questions him who is he and why did he come here? Tejo and Angad attention turns towards him but Angad didn’t heed to him at all and walks near Rupy and Satti.

Angad crosses his palm in front of them and takes their blessings. He didn’t hold Tejo’s hands yet. He introduces him as Angad to them and shares his backround details too. Fateh recognizes him as rich business man because once his company sponsored for his boxing team. He has no idea why is he here and holding Tejo’s hand? What’s their relationship? Angad says to Tejo’s parents that he is sorry first and was late. He was in difficult situation that’s why he couldn’t come on time?

They says to him that they don’t understand anything what’s he talking about? Angad says to him that he is in love with Tejo and he wanna marry her with all blessings. Fateh gets angry to hear it and all are confused to see his attitude there. Fateh gives an slow claps there and says that he never thought this Tejo will stoop so low. She loved him first and when she came to know that he won’t accept her she has no place in his heart. She seduced another rich one to live an luxurious life that too before divorce. Teju hates Fateh to the core hearing it. She about to slap him but finds him on floor while holding his bleeding lips.

Everyone gets shock to see the angry young man Angad there furious at Fateh. He about to hit him again but Tejo stops him and pleads with him. Angad shouts on him that Tejo never ever loved Fateh but him. She is loving Angad only in her life time. Fateh laughs in sarcasm and says don’t try to fool him because he knew everything about Tejo and her selfish love on him.

Simran shouts from behind that he doesn’t know anything about Tejo. Everyone gets shock to hear it and turns to her. Simran says to them that Angad loves Tejo from her college days. But Tejo accepts his love after seeing his unconditional love on her. She is in love with him for last 3 years. Her statement makes everyone shock there.

Screen froze

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