Soulmate ( Udaariyaan serial track)| Chapter : 17

Scene begins in Anghad asks Rupy to give Tejo’s hand to him. He assures to him that he won’t allow Tejo cry anymore. He will do anything for her happiness. Rupy tells him if Tejo’s happiness is him then he won’t say no to this marriage. Tejo hugs Satti happily she caresses her hair. She hugs Rupy also in happiness and thank him. Anghad and Tejo takes their blessings. Jasmin comes there and apologies to Tejo for the mess she created in her life. Tejo pats her shoulder and says she never hated her because whatever she done to her in the love on her. She is even ready for sacrifice her love for her sister happiness. She is blessed to have her in her life. But she is disappointed because she never asked her openely Is she has feelings on Fateh or not? Anghad only took promise from her to don’t reveal the relationship with him only. But she would have cleared to her she never ever loved Fateh in her life. Jasmin hugs her and apologies to her. Somewhere deep in Fateh heart it’s hurting him. He hates to hear that Tejo has no feelings on him at all. He can’t able to understand why is he getting angry to hear it.

Kushbeer comes near Tejo and tells her without understanding the truth they blamed her unnecessary. He never thought Fateh will marry her he only thinking about his political carrier that’s why he couldn’t open up with her. Gupreeth too apologies to her for their deeds. Tejo stops them from apologising and says they are elders they shouldn’t apologise to her like this. Why are they apologies to her when they son is at mistake. He neither allowed her to reveal the truth nor he too effort to find it out. Kushbeer demands Fateh to apologise to Tejo. He denies it in anger. Tejo stops them and goes near Fateh. She says to him that he hated her from the first sight he met her. She has no idea why did he hate her his much she didn’t took the effort to find it out. Because he is not a matter to her. She never tried to impress him and never loved him in her life. He married to her forcefully and tortured her daily here. She never slept well after married to him. She was crying all night thinking about her cursed life. She was bearing the blame which she didn’t done. He is the reason for everything. If he put little effort to find out Jasmin then nothing would have happened like this. She slapped him in anger. Fateh holds his cheek in shock. She says to him he deserved it reasoning she is only giving tiny punishment to him. Its nothing compared to the pain she went through in her life. She thank him for setting free her from this forced marriage. Simran comes there and consoles her. Tejo thank her for trying to mend her life like before. Both hugs each other.

Kushbeer says to them that He accepted Tejo as his daughter in law but now everything turns ups and down so he wishes to perform Anghad and Tejo marriage for get rid off his guilty feelings. From this moment she is his daughter. Gupreeeth suggests to perform Fateh and Jazmin marriage on same day.

Screen froze

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