Spy Bahu Weekly Update: Sejal decides to take revenge from Yohan.

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Colors TV show Spy Bahu has now taken an interesting turn with the death of Sejal’s brother Farid. Sejal couldn’t get to meet her brother and has decided to take revenge from Yohan for sending her brother down that path. Sejal has kidnapped Yohan with intention to kill him. Alisha is excited to marry her love Yohan but can Yohan escape from Sejal?

Sejal got emotional thinking about the love Minal and Saras gave her. Sejal took blessing from them and left them a letter. Sejal recalled Yohan talking on the phone and thought Yohan is the reason her brother died with the tag of a terrorist when he could have led a normal life. Sejal decided she will complete her mission no matter if she has to die or kill for it. Minal read Sejal’s letter asking for forgiveness. SK gave Sejal a gun and tells her to vent her anger out her by shooting on a picture of Yohan. Sejal points the gun at SK and Tanhaji and told them to give his car keys and leave her way. Sejal told her anger would end only when she punishes Yohan and the plan is clear for her. Sejal locke Tanhaji and SK inside the room and left with the gun.

Alisha told Yohan he has not apologised to Vyom yet. Yohan told he won’t apologise as Vyom deserved whatever happened with him. Alisha told you would fight for you assistant but can’t even say sorry for me? Yohan called Alisha Sejal by mistake. Alisha got mad and created a scene at the party. Arun told Yohan to stop or Drishti would loose her home. Yohan apologised to Alisha and told her to end the topic here and lets enjoy our sangeet ceremony. Everyone enjoyed dancing on Nacho re. Shail told Shalini our plans arrangement has been made. Shalini told now it would be even easier for us to put the blame on Yohan. Minister announced a special performance and Sejal in mask performed on Aaj Ki Raat hona hai kya. Sejal pointed her gun at Yohan and tried shooting him but someone keeps coming in between. Shail told everyone he is taking Yohan for his bachelor party. Sejal thought she can’t let Yohan get away from her.

Shail and Krish took Yohan to a bar. Shail mixed something in Yohan’s drink and persuaded him to drink it. Alisha asked Shalini where are everyone she also wants to go to the party. Yohan told Shail that his head is spinning. Shail brought Yohan to a room and he falls unconscious. Shail paid two girls to do their job and leaves. Shalini brought Alisha to that room but is shocked to find Yohan missing. Shalini told Arun we are unable to find Yohan. Flashback showed Sejal following Shail and kidnapping Yohan. Alisha told she will marry Yohan at any cost. Minister threatened Arun that he won’t hurt his daughter and it won’t be good if they don’t find Yohan. Sejal tied Yohan on a chair and remembers him convincing Farid for the mission and giving money to him. Saras and Minal came to Nanda house but the security told them Sejal never returned here. Sejal told Yohan she won’t let him die so easily,she wants him to feel the pain that she is feeling right now. Arun told Drishti that he made a deal with Yohan to accept her in return for him marrying Alisha but Yohan doesn’t even care for her. Sejal decided not to end Yohan’s life with a bullet as she wants him to die everyday.

Yohan woke up in the morning and found himself tied to a chair. Alisha told everyone that she has complete trust on her love and Yohan will come today. Sejal returned to the room she locked Yohan and found he has escaped from the window. Kamal warned Arun that if his daughter got even a scratch he will remove Arun’s name from Delhi. Yohan returned home and Alisha hugs him. Yohan remembered the last thing he did was drink with Shail. Arun told Yohan to get ready for marriage now and he can tell everyone what happened later. Drishti came to Yohan’s room and asked Yohan where was he and why did he leave? Yohan told he is back and that is more important and they can discuss further after marriage. Drishti tolr Yohan how could he think that she would stay happy by making him sad for life? Drishti told she knows everything about his deal with dad.

Yohan told this marriage will bring happiness for him and his real happiness is in watching his sister happy. Drishti begged Yohan not to marry as she could never leave with the guilt. Yohan hugged Drishti and tol her to leave as he wants to get ready. Yohan got ready and recalled Mahira telling him we can’t get away from something we love with all heart. Yohan thought after his marriage today he will loose all hopes of finding Mahira. Sejal got ready as a bride and draws a cross on Yohan’s pic. Alisha told on mic from a room that for her it was love at first sight with Yohan and she wrote her destiny to marry him.

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