Spy Bahu Weekly Update: Yohan learns about Veera’s reality.

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Colors TV show Spy Bahu this week has been another roller coaster ride full of surprises and suspense! This week, Tanhaji fits cctv cameras in all the rooms of Nanda Mansion. Tanahji does the hawan and then ties taveez on everyone’s hands.

Its shown those were given to him by Harsh who had fitted transmitters inside the taveez so that they can keep an eye on Ahana and Veera. Tanhaji says all the bad energy are trapped inside the water in the pot and now eldest daughter in law of the house should throw it from the terrace right into the ground.

On the terrace, Tanahji tells Veera to go near the railing so that water falls directly on the ground. Sejal pushes her till the edge. Railing breaks down and wheelchair falls. But Veera stands up on her feet leaving everyone shocked. Later Veera tells Ahana to come with her as she wants to take rest.

At room Veera tells Ahana that Sejal hasn’t forgotten anything and she is just trying to instigate Veera so that she does something drastic and gets caught. Harsh talks to Sejal and asks about her health. She asks him to find out the link to catch Veera.

Sejal tells Yohan to organise puja for Aarti’s birthday. She says she read about his family on articles. Shalini comes there and tells them to come with her as she wants to show something. Arbaaz comes to meet Ahana and threatens to disclose her secret .

She shows him 10 lakhs she had stolen for him and talks sweetly to him. He agrees to keep quiet. Shalini barges in the room with everyone.

Shalini tells everyone that guy is Ahana’s boyfriend and she had caught them thrice before and explains the situations. Ahana denies to it. Shalini shows that Ahana’s purse is full of money and she was giving it to him.

Ahana cooks a new story and tells he is Ayuub. She addresses him as brother who grew up with her at orphanage. Ahana also lies that his mother is suffering from final stage cancer so she was giving him money. Sejal asks if its not wrong to take money from house without informing anyone.

Veera saves Ahana by lying. Sejal proposes Shalini that they should work together to expose Ahana. Sejal sits beside Drishti. Yohan comes and asks what she is doing. She says she was checking the medicines and tells about some vaid who can treat Drishti.

Ahana comes there with medicine. Yohan stops her and tells she doesn’t need to take care of Drishti. Ahana warns Veera that if any other doctors check on her they will know wrong medicines are being given.

Yohan tells from now Sejal and he will take care of Drishti which leaves both Veera and Ahana worried. Yohan tells Veera about puja in night school for Aarti’s birthday. Veera understands its Sejal’s idea and she hasn’t lost any memories.

Sejal finds out Aarti’s skeleton in basement and even Yohan witnesses Veera carrying it and confessing how she has killed Aarti. Yohan loses his mind after knowing Veera’s truth. Sejal calms him down. He realizes how Sejal had kept telling him the truth but he didnt trust her.

Yohan feels guilty and tells Sejal how his own Masi and best friend could betray him. He recalls how Sejal had said she is Mahira. Yohan tells if Veera had always been lying that means Sejal was always saying the truth.

He asks her again if she is his Mahira. Yohan tells her that he knows she never lost her memory. He asks Sejal to tell him if she is his best friend. Sejal accepts being Mahira Mirza.

Veera starts her acting as always and tries to talk to Yohan. He acts rudely but Sejal calms him. Veera gets call from manager and makes excuse that its from NGO. Yohan tells Sejal how can she bear Veera’s acting and he is feeling suffocated so he will go outside.

On other side Ahana gets ready and comes to meet Arbaaz for their niqaah. Ahana tells Arbaaz to stop being impulsive and reminds him that they both are terrorists and don’t have any personal life. She threatens him that Sirji can end their life in a minute if she knows the truth. Shalini is shown overhearing their conversation.

Shalini realizes Mahira had been lying about her identity and Sejal was right that she isn’t terrorist but Mahira is. Veera Nanda comes there with manager in her Sir ji getup. She shows some photos to Ahana and asks if she and Arbaaz had been selling off weapons from Nanda industry to rivals.

Veera takes out gun and points at Ahana. But later shifts it to manager and tells she knows he is one who had sold weapons and now wanted to put blame on Ahana and Arbaaz. She shoots him and kills him on the spot. Veera warns Arbaaz not to go against her or else he will also be shot dead like the manager.

Shalini who got scared witnessing everything mistakenly drops something and gets noticed by the trio. She starts running to save herself from Veera.

Sejal comes there with Drishti’s medical reports and informs Yohan that there were traces of sleeping pills in high dose in Drishti’s blood. Yohan feels guilty of not being able to take care of all the people whom he loves, his mother Aarti, then Sejal and Drishti.

He promises to get Veera punished for all her wrongdoings. Shalini hides in a corner and throws something on the opposite side to distract Veera and Ahana. Meanwhile she thinks to inform the truth about Veera to Yohan and Sejal.

She keeps calling them but none of them receives the call as phones are kept away on the table. Shalini tries to run but at the end gets up coming in front of Veera. Veera mercilessly shoots Shalini and she dies on the spot. Veera hurts herself on the head and Ahana says if she has already thought of a story about Shalini’s death. Veera comes to Nanda Mansion crying and starts acting.

Veera starts lying that they were attacked by goons who looted their jewellery and when Veera denied to give her engagement ring they started fighting. Ahana says that they were going to shoot Veera but Shalini came in between.

Sejal and Yohan discuss how everything is a lie but Yohan asks Sejal to control her emotions. Krish cries badly and says Shalini was his only friend. Later Veera again reminds Ahana never to betray her and how instead of Arbaaz, Shalini and manager got killed.

She tells that on Ganapati she has planned a big blast in Nanda industry in which everyone will get killed except Veera. Ahana asks what about her. Yohan, Krish and Arun return home after doing Shalini’s last rites. In the upcoming episodes we will see Shalini’s ghost haunting Ahana!

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