Story 9 Months Ki 16th December 2020 Written Update: Sarang confronts Faheem

Story 9 Months Ki 16th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarang thinking to tell her new poem to the people in office but sees that everyone is busy so he lets go of the idea thinking that they will call him fake anyway.

Alia gets into his cabin and asks Rahul about the A.C. which is not working. Rahul tells her that he will call Chotelaal and get it fixed. Alia asks him not to call Chotelaal and imagines again a child looking like him. Rahul asks Alia if Chotelaal did something. Alia says no and then asks him if he can ask him a favour. Rahul asks her to order. Alia says that she needs a donor. Rahul thinks she is talking about kidney and says that she is so fit. She clears that she needs a sperm donor. Rahul thinks it’s for client and says that it will be difficult to pack. Alia tells him that she needs it for her. Rahul says that it will be done and asks what kind of donor she wants.

Sarang calls Kamleshwari to tell her what he has written but she asks him to cut the call before his father sees her calling him. Sarang brings biscuits and chai for the receptionist. He also tells her the poem he has written and she praises a lot but at the end she says that she is talking about biscuits and hasn’t heard what he has said. The receptionist says that she liked the biscuits but that doesn’t mean they are friends. Sarang says that he knows a young guy and young girl cannot be friends. Receptionist asks him to do his work. Sarang looks at Faheem and says that he will do what he has come here for.

Alia tells Rahul that she wants a donor who is exactly like him. Rahul imagines the people in office giving bad adjectives to Alia while describing a donor like her. Alia tells Rahul that he needs a donor in fifteen days. She says that she is giving such a confidential work to him because he has been with her and Dil se Dil tak since the beginning and she trusts him the most. She offers him 5 laakh for this extra activity. Rahul says that he will do it for her only since he has given him the opportunity when nobody helped him and he has been able to support his family since five years thanks to her but Alia insists that he should accept the money for the service given.

On the other hand, Pawan gives pakode to Kusum and talks with her about having baby but she is completely against it. At the same time, Brij Mohan talks about having baby at this age with a pandit who asks him to give up the thought at first but then Brij Mohan offers him money.

At office, Sarang overhears Faheem talking to Param, who was thinking to hire a new writer, about an increment to his salary in exchange of what he would do extra work. Sarang confronts Faheem after that saying that the company needed a new writer, but he didn’t give his name when he had the opportunity. He says that he can see what he is up to otherwise he can protect his own name and work very well. Faheem tries manipulating him saying that there was no certainty that he would have been selected so he just stopped Param from hiring another junior writer. Sarang gives him fifteen days in which he will write for trial for him but after this span of time, he should reveal Alia that he has been writing all the stuff submitted, no matter if good or bad.

Later, Alia comes back and has teary eyes. Rahul asks why she is crying. Alia says that she is coming from warehouse and none told her that there was press control going on. She asks Rahul to arrange eye drop for her and someone who can drop her home since she cannot drive. Rahul goes to ask Faheem but he doesn’t want to bear Alia. Sarang overhears them and offers to drop Alia home. Rahul agrees. Faheem recommends Sarang not to talk about his work with Alia whose mood is off. Sarang reminds him that he has fifteen days only.

Sarang sits in Alia’s car and looks at the numerous buttons. Rahul comes and asks him if he has figured out everything. Sarang says yes. Rahul puts GPS on his mobile so he can follow it. He asks Sarang if he knows what GPS is. Alia comes and reminds Rahul that he has fifteen days. Sarang thinks he has given fifteen days to Faheem too. He starts the car. Radio plays and rj is talking about how people have started distancing themselves and getting lonely. Alia says that it isn’t loneliness but it’s privacy and that’s normal. Sarang slowly says that loneliness cannot be normal. Alia asks excuse me. Sarang asks whether she heard that. Alia cannot see his face properly.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia checks out some boys wondering how she will find the perfect donor. Sarang is drying himself with his shirt button open in front of ventilator. Alia looks at him. His face isn’t visible.