Story 9 Months Ki 17th December 2020 Written Update : Sarang finds a place for poets like him

Story 9 Months Ki 17th December 2020 Written Update On

The episode starts with Sarang explaining himself: virus has distanced people but in Mumbai people have already met each other seeing the distance between their houses, traffic and time that will take to reach each other. He says that in Mumbai people are lonely in crowd also. Alia says that in Mumbai people don’t like interfering in others’ life. Sarang says that it would be nice if someone would hold their hand. Alia remembers some childhood memories. She says that not everyone stays. Sarang says that she held wrong hand. He drops her home.

The next morning Alia starts the meeting. Faheem tells the poem Sarang has written. The client claps loving it. Faheem says that he is from small town so he has put the perfume of his town sand in the poem. Sarang erupts into the office claiming that the poem is his. Faheem says that he is an old writer and this office runner has come recently only. The client is revealed to be Brij Mohan. Sarang is shocked to see him. Brij Mohan taunts him and then calls him “Lalla”. He wants to take him back to Madhura. Sarang opposes but two men lifts him and takes him out. Thankfully, it was just Sarang’s nightmare.

In the morning, Alia goes out for jogging. She wonders where she will find the perfect donor in fifteen days. She checks out a guy who is running and he seems perfect until he speaks rudely to an elder man. Then she has coconut juice and checks out another guy who seems perfect as well but she rejects him when he throws coconut on ground. One guy stops the elevator door when Alia comes so that she can enter. She is impressed but then gets disappointed hearing his cheesy ringtone. “Heer to badi sad hai” plays. Alia wonders if gentlemen are there only in fantasy novel.

On the other hand, Ramesh sees Sarang writing and asks him to tell him the poem. Sarang gets happy and recites the poem he has written. Ramesh loves it but he struggles to understand some words.

Alia is having breakfast with his father. The latter asks her if she remembers about Darmesh, his friend’s son. Alia says that she doesn’t remember even the names of her employees. Gautam suggests her to have a business deal with him. Alia accepts to talk with Rahul and get a meeting arranged. Her phone rings. Gautam asks if she is still in touch with her mother Nandini seeing her name flashing. Alia says that it’s an app that reveals the name of unknown names in order to avoid picking up calls from unwanted people. She denies saving her number since she has not saved anything of her except DNA. Gautam tells her that she thought Nandini influenced her decision to get baby through IVF. Alia laughs taking it as joke since Nandini cannot influence such a big decision of her life. Gautam says that he doesn’t support this decision of hers though. Alia says that she has taken decisions without her support in the past too.

Ramesh calls Sarang who is at office and tells him that he met poets like him and they are having a meeting at a cafeteria in the evening. He asks him to go there. Sarang accepts.

Alia talks to Rahul about all the qualities she wants in the baby. Rahul is left speechless seeing the list. Alia knows it’s ambitious but she says that they put so much efforts to make a gift and this is her baby. Rahul understands. Alia asks him to arrange meeting with her father’s friend also. Rahul knows about him.

Rahul goes to arrange a videoconference but the tv on which the client will be projected isn’t working. Sarang comes and asks if he can leave early today; he says that he has done everything and can even come earlier tomorrow. Rahul asks him to fix the screen after which he can leave. Rahul leaves. Sarang recites a poem while fixing the screen which he manages to do. The client appears on screen and says that he liked the poem. Sarang thanks him. The client asks him his name and where he is from. Sarnag introduces himself. Rahul comes. The client greets Sarang who leaves.

Alia attends the videoconference. The client wants to arrange an anniversary party for his wife. He says that it might be the last one since his wife is affected by a disease and she got Alzhaimer. He regrets spending too much time on his work and now that he wants spend time with his wife, time is running out of his hands. The client wants the anniversary celebration to be special and lighten up his wife’s memories. Alia is thankful that he has chosen them for such a special occasion. The client recites the poem by Sarang. Alia is touched by it.

Sarang reaches Kavya’s cafeteria. He bumps into a poet and after exchanging two poetic words with him, he goes inside and loves the place. Kavya was live on his social media page. She recites a poem. Sarang recites a poem too in answer to hers. Kavya continues. Alia reaches the same cafeteria.

Episode ends

Precap: Sarang says that the idea wasn’t worth the clients. Alia asks who said this. Sarang introduces himself and says that she has started considering emotions as business while doing business of emotions. Alia says that he is fired.