Story 9 Months Ki 21st January 2021 Written Update: Alia hides from Sarang about him being her baby’s donor

Story 9 Months Ki 21st January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alia and Sarang sitting at the table. Alia still cannot believe he is her baby’s donor. She gets up thinking that she should accept this fact. Sarang asks what important thing she had to tell him. Alia sits down again and recalls Rabia saying that telling Sarang that he is her baby’s donor is her decision. She struggles to talk though.

Before she can speak up, Sarang gets her mother’s videocall. He picks it up and Kamleshwari scolds him for not picking it up immediately and for looking so thin. She says that she will understand once he will become mother. Alia smiles overhearing the conversation and then goes to her room. Sarang asks her how she is. She replies she is fine but his father keeps saying that he wants a kid to take ahead his family. Alia gets shocked hearing that and thinks the baby is only hers.

After cutting the call, Sarang asks Alia about what she had to tell him. She says that he is a good writer. Sarang asks if she had to tell only this thing. Alia says yes and asks him to leave since she is tired. Before leaving, Sarang apologizes for making her meet with her mother. He knows that everyone talks about kids not reaching their parents’ expectations but nobody talks when parents don’t get to kids’ expectations. He talks to her about his father and says that he decided not to have any child when he came to Mumbai. After that, he leaves.

On the other hand, the girl whom Rahul had given money to convince Sarang to give sperm blackmails him asking for 2 laakh rupees otherwise she will tell the truth to Sarang. Rahul is in dilemma.

At Kavya’s café, Nandini asks Kavya if everything is fine between her and Sarang. Kavya says that there is nothing between them since Sarang loves someone else. Sarang comes there and Nandini asks him how Alia is. Sarang says that she is fine but she is in pain. Nandini feels bad. Kavya suggests to have apple pie since she always say that sweets solve everything. Sarang says that Alia eats lots of sweets too. They start talking about Alia and Kavya gets upset.

The next morning, Sarang is making kheer while he is on videocall with Kamleshwari who asks him if he is making it for Kavya. He tells her that he is making it for Alia whose condition is a little fragile. He reveals her that she is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Alia decides not to tell anything to Sarang since he doesn’t even want a baby. She knows it’s a betrayal but she got betrayed too. She smiles saying that the baby is only hers. Sunita agrees that the baby is only hers. Alia apologizes for her yesterday’s behaviour and hugs her.

Kamleshwari instructs Sarang with Kheer recipe. After it’s done, she asks him to congratulate with Alia and the baby’s father. Sarang replies sure but, after cutting the call, he wonders who the father is since it cannot be Veer.

Later, Alia brings flowers for Rabia and apologizes for yesterday. She tells her that Sarang doesn’t want a baby so there is no need to tell him anything. Rabia says that it is important to make him sign the donor form so that he won’t claim the baby in future. She assures Alia that everything will get fine as she will be tension free once she gets Sarang’s signatures. Rabia says that she has already sent the papers to her house but nurse reveals that she got them sent to her office. Alia rushes to the office scared that someone might get the papers.

At office, Chotelaal requests Sarang to put the entry of mail in the register since he has to rush to the bank. Sarang accepts. He drops the mail by mistake and finds the donor form. Before he can do anything, Alia comes and snatches the letter from him scolding him. Sarang calls her “krodhvati”.

Rahul steps inside the office scared. He goes inside Alia’s cabin and she asks him why he has done that. Rahul gives her resignation letter and cheque for the money she had given him for the work. Alia refuses to get the money back since she doesn’t want any favour on her baby but keeps the resignation letter because she cannot trust him. Rahul says that Sarang is the best donor and shows his GK test result and health report which are 100%. She thanks God since at least the donor is 100% fine in IQ and health matters. She scolds Rahul because he betrayed her and Sarang and now she is in constant fear for Sarang to claim the baby and she also has to get signatures. Rahul asks for one chance to get signatures. After hesitating, Alia hands him over the papers so that he can get Sarang’s signature.

Episode ends

Precap: Rahul reveals Sarang that he is Alia’s baby’s donor. Sarang confronts Alia who says that the baby is hers only. Sarang realizes that she knew he is the donor.