Sathya 21st January 2021 Written Update: Prabhu feels emotional

Sathya 21st January 2021 Written Update on

Prabhu asking Sasi to promise him that he shouldn’t inform this to Sathya. If he say it he will end his friendship here. Sasi promise to him. Prabhu ask him to go with him but he deny ut and stays there to change his mood. Prabhu drives from there there thinking about it.

Iniyan saying to Azhagar that good response from people. He has hope that Raasathi will win the election. Iniyan says to her that Sasi and Prabhu working hard for them. Sathya calls to Raasathi and enquire about Prabhu. She says to her he went to ask vote for her. Sathya informs to her that she is feeling bad about something Prabhu didn’t attend the call. She ask her to talk with Prabhu and informs her.. Raasathi narrate the conversation with Iniyan. She dials to him but didn’t attend the call. Prabhu comes there mood off.

Raasathi says to him that Sathya and Raasathi tried to his number but he didn’t attend it. They ask to him why did he looking dull? Prabhu lies to them as nothing and go from there. Sathya calls him but he reject it. Ponni comes there Gokila informs everything to her. Raasathi mom informs to her that Prabhu looking dull. Azhagar says that he may missing Sathya.

Raasathi saying to Iniyan let ask Sathya and Prabhu to stay in guest house. They appreciate the idea. Azhagar assures to her that he will clean the house. Prabhu sitting there silent in his room. Ponni comes there running. Prabhu talking on phone. Ponni ask to him Is it true that Maragatham slapped him. Prabhu ask her to lower her voice. He don’t wanna create problem that’s why he hiding it. He plead to her. Raasathi comes there and question him why did he pleading to her. Prabhu lies to her. Sasi comes there drunk and creating problem with random guy. He blabbers in drunken effect that someone slapped Prabhu. Iniyan takes him in. Everyone enquiring him he hesitate to reply.

Ponni says to them that Maragatham slapped Prabhu. Sasi narrated what happened there. Raasathi says that Maragatham done unfair. She should have slapped Kanmani not him. Iniyan give permission to her to do anything. Raasathi forcefully taking Prabhu to Maragatham house. Maragatham appreciating Kanmani works and teasing Mangai. Raasathi goes there and questioning Maragatham and arguing with her to appologize to Prabhu. She deny it. Kanmani pursuade her to appologize seeing the crowd. Without option Maragatham appologize to him.

Raasathi and Prabhu reach the house. Iniyan says to Raasathi he knew what happened there no need to explain. Prabhu says to him that he is lucky to get Raasathi as his sister. Even Anitha won’t react for him this much. He prays that these relations will stay with him life long. He added that Sathya got in his life as gift. Don’t say this to her orelse she will be in misery.

Episode end.