Story 9 Months Ki 25th November 2020 Written Update: Sarang catches the train to Mumbai

Story 9 Months Ki 25th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veer trying to convince Alia to talk with her father for his deal but she replies that she didn’t ask him anything for her business to so she can’t. Veer says ok. Alia offers her help for his presentation but he replies that she will manage and leaves.

On the other hand, Gautam’s friend asks him if he slept well. He says that he just missed his mother. He is thinking about meeting her before leaving since he hasn’t ever stayed without her and he isn’t sure if his decision was good.

At the same time. Brij Mohan sees Kamleshwari getting ready to go to the temple. He says that he knows Sarang will meet her in the temple. Kamleshwari denies that. Brij Mohan says that he isn’t asking her but telling her and he wants him to warn him to come back home if he doesn’t want to get beaten by police. He leaves.

Kamleshwari calls Sarang immediately at the temple. He asks if everything is fine. Kamleshwari replies to come there if he wants any answer to his question. Sarang says that he is coming immediately.

Alia is doing yoga when her servant Sunita comes and complains about how things are here and there in kitchen. She keeps talking so Alia asks her to keep quiet since she is trying to do workout. Sunita attends a call from Nandini Sharma. Hearing her name, Alia grabs the phone and forbids Nandini to call again. She forbids Sunita to pick up her call.

Kamleshwari and Sarang meet at temple. Kamleshwari tells him about her father’s warning. He refuses to get scared. Kamleshwari drags him inside the temple even though he doesn’t believe in God. Kamleshwari cuts the line of people and goes ahead. Pandit does pooja for Sarang and Kamleshwari. The latter keeps dragging Sarang with her and then goes to one beggar sitting outside to whom she asks something. Sarang is confused by what’s happening. He says that Alia Shroff is right.

Alia reaches the office where she asks the receptionists if Nandini got her number from office. She then gets mesmerized seeing some stuff for children.

Kamleshwari takes Sarang to the theatre. She seems to know everyone in the cinema hall. She drags Sarang to watch a movie. Sarang is confused and asks what’s happening. Kamleshwari reveals him that every Friday she goes to temple and then comes to the theatre to watch the first show at theatre. She tells Sarang that this is her magic wand with which she is bearing his father:

 in three hours she lives the life of a week and then keeps looking forward for the next Friday. She doesn’t want Sarang to live like this and has decided that he should escape from there. Sarang is relieved to get her permission and says that he is leaving but he is worried for her so he will come back to her.

 Kamleshwari asks him not to worry about her and says that she will miss him but at least she will know that he is fulfilling his dream. Sarang gets sad thinking that he will get lonely. A person from audience asks them to go back home to talk.

Sarang and Kamleshwari go to sit outside. Sarang is emotional and says that he will miss her a lot. Kamleshwari encourages him to leave Madhura and even gives him money but he refuses to take it. Sarang’s friends come and they give him some money, a phone, some clothes and also Raju has brought Sarang’s books. Sarang hugs them. He recommends Raju not to leave studies and then takes blessings from Kamleshwari. The latter asks him to go and live his life. He hugs her.

On the other hand, Rabia calls Alia and asks her to go home earlier today since it’s baby window time. Alia says that the baby has to wait for a while since Veer has gone to Dubai for work.

Sarang goes to station and gets to know that the next train is at 5am tomorrow but then he is told that there is a train in nearby platform to Mumbai which is about to leave. Sarang quickly buys the ticket and runs to catch the train. A girl forwards Sarang a hand and pulls him on the train.

Episode ends

Precap: Sarang reaches Mumbai and hopes his journey will be a memorable one. Alia is helping a girl to cross the road. The girl drops her bangle. Sarang picks it up and gives it back to her. She holds his hand too along with Alia’s one. Once they cross the road, they leave hands and Alia and Sarang walk to opposite directions. Sarang turns around feeling something.