Story 9 Months Ki 2nd December 2020 Written Update: FAlia is shattered by Veer’s betrayal

Story 9 Months Ki 2nd December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alia going to Veer who is taken aback to see her there. He hugs her and asks if she is there for a meeting. Rabia comes and says that she didn’t know that the second name of the hotel was Dubai. Alia asks Veer when he came back. Veer replies in the morning. Rabia shows the card notification.

Veer starts stammering but just then Nitya comes out from the lift. Alia gets call from Rahul asking her if she is coming. She says that she is coming and walks away. Rabia tells Veer that she is angry as Alia waster six years of her life on him and congratulates Nitya for winning such a self-centred person.

Rabia goes out. Alia wears her glasses and sits in car. Rabia tries stopping her but in vain as Alia says that she has meeting and she has to go. She leaves in her car but stops after a while and punches the steering.

Sarang is just few metres far from Alia who is in car and he is buying a burger. He is about to give the money Alia had given him to pay but stops saying that it’s someone else’s. A balloon vendor walks near him.

Alia cries in her car. Rabia calls her and tries cheering her up saying that whatever happens is for good and every ending is a new beginning. Just then Sarang chases the balloons that fell on Alia’s car. She looks at him through glass and then play the horn. Sarang moves away. Alia leaves. The vendor thanks Sarang who rushes away since he is getting late for the meeting with publisher.

In office, Manju asks Rahul why they didn’t include in the meeting. He replies that she is expecting and marketing policy is that expecting mothers should not do work. Manju asks whether something has been finalized. Rahul tells her that Alia didn’t like anything yet. Manju wants the cash bonus.

Sarang meets the publisher and tells her about him and recites the poem on mother that he has recently written. At the same time, Manju recites the same poem in the meeting and alia finalizes it. Everyone congratulates Manju. The publisher likes the poem but says that it won’t sell and suggests Sarang to write a small town story.

Alia keeps getting Veer’s calls so she finally picks it and agrees to meet him to talk as he requests her. She sees Manju’s baby bump and remembers talking about her life goals with Veer, especially about being mother at the age of 30 as she is willing to be the world’s best mother. Veer suggested to make baby immediately but she had replied that she wasn’t ready. He had warned her that he might not be wanting to become dad when she will want to become mom. Alia is shattered.

Sarang calls Kamleshwari and tells her that some publishers suggested him to put his own money to publish and some other want something else so he doubts his talent. Kamleshwari orders him not to repeat that again and tells her that when Sholey was first released, it became popular slowly only. Sarang says that Mumbai is expensive and he must get a job.

In the room where Sarang is staying, Gurpal and Suleman tell Ramesh that they don’t want another roommate since there is not much space and he is unemployed so he won’t even give money. Ramesh suggests them to talk with Sarang themselves. Sarang comes there and Ramesh tells him that Gurpal and Suleman want to tell him something. Sarang thanks them for letting him stay first and gives some sweets and pickles to them.

Gurpal and Suleman love all of it. Ramesh reminds them that they wanted to talk with Sarang. Gurpal and Suleman say that they shall divide the bills and ask him the advance. Sarang gives Gurpal the money but then takes back Alia’s note. He googles Alia’s address and finds out that she is searching for a writer. He decides to go for interview.

Sarang rushes to the office. Manju is reciting the poem to the clients. Alia remembers her plan to become mother. The clients love the poem and clap. Sarang reaches the office.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia is drunk. She is about to fall but Sarang holds her.