Story 9 Months Ki 2nd February 2021 Written Update: Sarang loses Alia’s car keys locking her inside

Story 9 Months Ki 1st February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarang asking Alia for a chance and if he fails he will never show up in front of her. He leaves to write poem for Mr Poonawala.

On the other hand, Kavya is messaging with Kamleshwari who has sent a good morning text to her. Sarang comes and apologizes for his behaviour of last day. Kavya asks what happened. Sarang is silent so Kavya says that it’s fine if he doesn’t want to tell but he should remember she is there for her. Sarang is glad that she hasn’t thrown him out from her friends list since at least they can be friends. He asks her for a cheese sandwich. She says that she will bring it.

Sarang is seen trying to write poem for mr Poonawala and Kavya notices he keeps throwing papers away. She asks, through the glass door, whether what he has written so far is so bad. He says that they weren’t great as it should be for new parents. She knocks on the glass. Sarang remembers the baby’s heartbeat and gets an idea. Kavya wishes him best of luck. She stares at him while he is writing. “Maana ki hum yaar nehi” plays. Kavya clicks his picture and sends it to Kamleshwari who gets happy seeing it and prays for Sarang and Kavya’s happiness too.

On the other hand, Alia eats lots of sweets. She is worried thinking what Sarang will do if he learns about twins. Rabia calls her and instructs her to be happy and not to rush. Alia is about to rush to a meeting but then goes slowly.

Sarang calls Kamleshwari who tells him that she knows he is happy because Kavya sent her photo. Sarang says that he became mother by mistake but Kamleshwari’s phone switches off since it is not charged before she could hear that.

Later, Sarang is sitting on sofa at Mr Poonawala’s house. Alia comes and sits too. Sarang pushes cushion behind her before she can rest her back. Alia says that he is emotional. Sarang says that he knows. Alia says that he is taking responsibility for nothing. Sarang says that he thought she keeps personal and professional separate but she is talking about their personal stuff in a professional meeting. Alia says that there is nothing personal between them. Sarang says that there is something very personal and very important.

Mr Poonawala comes before they can argue further and asks them what they decided. Alia is about to speak up but Sarang stops her and gets up. He sings a rap song about the baby’s arrival. Mr Poonawala laughs and says that he loved it a lot.

Mr Poonwala brings Persus who thinks Sarang is her son Aarush and asks him how he is feeling now that he is going to become father. Sarang replies that he doesn’t know yet what being a father is like but explains the way he is feeling.

At night, Sarang asks Alia for the car keys since it is not good for her to drive being pregnant. Alia is about to get angry on him but Mr Poonawala comes to praise Sarang’s song once again. Sarang insists for Alia to let him drive in front of Mr Poonawala so Alia has no choice but accepts.

Sarang and Alia sits in car. Sarang drives. Title track plays. Alia is about to speak but Sarang knows he is going to scold her. Sarang says that he is not her enemy but just cares for her baby and she should know both of them wants the wellbeing of the baby so she should bear. Alia notices that Sarang is driving so slowly that even cycles and people running are going faster. Alia says that he should drive faster otherwise they will all die if a car hits from behind. Sarang gets a little faster. Alia tries making him understand that coparenting is difficult. Sarang knows that she is going to offer more money to him to separate him from baby. Alia does that but she knows Sarang is going to say that his love cannot be bought. She glares at him.

Suddenly Alia asks Sarang to stop the car. He stops and asks what happened. She tells him that she wants kulfi. Sarang goes to take it for her, even though she insists she wants to select flavour, and even locks her inside the car so she cannot leave. He takes ice creams and doesn’t notice he has dropped the keys of car. When he goes back to Alia, she asks Sarang to open the car. Sarang realizes he has lost the keys. Alia shouts where the keys are. Sarang looks for the keys. Alia starts feeling suffocated and dizzy.

Episode ends

Precap: Sarang struggles to open the door of the car. Alia puts a hand on the window. Sarang places his hand on the same place too.

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