Story 9 Months Ki 3rd December 2020 Written Update: Alia gets drunk after discussing with Veer

Story 9 Months Ki 3rd December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarang rushing to meet Alia. He is willing to give back her money and get the job as well. He asks the driver of the auto to driver faster as they are chasing Alia’s car.

Alia stops in front of an hotel and gets inside. Sarang wants to get inside too but the guards ask for reservation. Since he doesn’t have it, he is obliged to wait outside for Alia to exit. He is unable to convince the guards otherwise.

Alia meets Veer inside the hotel. They sit at the table. Veer says that the way she came to know about Nitya wasn’t right and he knows she is hurt so he is sorry. He says that he was afraid of what she and her father would think. He explains that he was nowhere in between the targets she had set in life: she doesn’t know the meaning of relations, she thought that their relationship was one of her milestones too. He points out her mistake concluding that it wasn’t his mistake only.

Alia says that he cannot justify his affair like this and asks if he would have accepted if he hadn’t time and she had started affair. Veer affirms that he isn’t sorry about falling in love with Nitya and adds that she never understood him otherwise she would have gotten it. Sarang is eagerly waiting for Alia to come out. Veer says that wives usually attend her husband’s success parties but he is the one ho attended her parties and clapped for her therefore he felt like a loser.

Alia asks him why he didn’t point out what he didn’t like about her and affirms that it’s his male ego talking. She says that she thought he was with her but he wasn’t there like everyone else. Veer asks her to accept that she cannot handle relationships.

She calls him hypocrite as the person who was continuing a relation that ended for him is lecturing her on relationships. Veer says that he didn’t want things between them to affect his deal which is very important to him. She asks him to leave. Veer requests her not to tell anything to her father until the deal doesn’t happen and then leaves.

It gets night and Sarang is still waiting for Alia to come out. Alia has drunk a lot. Rabia calls her and wants to come but she says that she will handle herself. She stumbles while walking out and talking to Rabia about what Veer told her. She says that she isn’t that bad and she is sure that she will manage alone as she managed without her mother and can managed ahead as well.

Alia comes out of the hotel. Sarang goes to her. Alia grabs his shirt as she is unstable and it gets unbuttoned. She is about to fall but Sarang holds her on time. She asks him to leave her but he says that she needs help so he is holding her. She says that she is Alia Shroff and she needs no help. Sarang leaves her and she falls.

Alia asks how he dared leaving her. Sarang asks her to decide what she wants. She stands up again and says that she needs none but sometimes she feels lonely too. She is about to fall again but Sarang holds her by her waist. Fireworks are shot. They share eye-lock. Title track plays. Sarang moves his hand towards her face.

Just then Rabia comes there and takes Alia away calling Sarang a goon and sprinkling pepper spray in his eyes. Sarang calls Alia from behind but in vain.

Episode ends

Precap: Sarang joins Alia’s office. Veer yells at Alia saying in front of everyone that she can’t be a good person, neither a good wife and never a good mother. The employees think that it’s Alia’s mistake only. Sarang overhears them.