Roja 3rd December 2020 Written Update: Roja became an IAS officer

Roja 3rd December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Arjun and Roja coming in car to meet Shenbagam in the hospital. Doctor checking Shenbagam and informs to Keerthi that she is alright now slowly slowly recovering from the dilemma. She moves a bit and turns to unconscious again. Nothing to worry its usual. Keerthi nods. Doctor ask her to take one scan after one hour and leaves from there.

Roja and Arjun coming in car. Roja says to him that she worry a lot for that lady. She even prayed to god to save her. Arjun says to her that’s her purity of love. He shares to her that he don’t like to visit temple from childhood days. Mom force him to take there. But he love to visit Orphanage.

He used to spend his birthdays there. There he feel peace. Roja grown up there that’s why her heart is very soft towards others she can’t able to see someone suffering infront of her. Roja says even Kalpana not less she too prayed for that lady. Arjun says that his father got success in all business because of his mom prayers.

Here Anu reach the hospital. Divya waiting for her there. Divya says to her we wanna act soon orelse Arjun and Roja will meet her then she will be in danger. Anu says to her that her brain will work more on this time she has alter plan with her to stop them meeting her. Divya wore Nurse uniform as per Anu request. She informs to her that they gonna kidnap Shenbagam now. Divya says to her its risk because peoples are watching more then that Keerthi is alert 24 hours. Anu says to her we are not gonna take her out instead hide her from Arjun and Roja.

Anu enters in and start a conversation with Keerthi. She is saying Shenbagam health condition to her. Divya enters in with wheel chair and informs to them she gonna take her for scan. Anu and Nurse pretend like arguing each other. Keerthi question her often Anu manage her and taked Shenbagam out. While going out Arjun and Roja coming opposite of them. Anu hides immidiately they cross Shenbagam without noticing each other. Anu ask Divya to take Shenbagam to upstairs.

Roja and Arjun enters into her ward. Keerthi gets happy seeing her. Roja introduce Arjun to her. He praise Keerthi act. She praised Roja and gives all credicts to her for saving her life by donating blood and sign in the form. Roja ask to her about Shenbagam? She replies to her that she taken out for scan. Keerthi goes to check them.

 Roja feels emotional seeing the bed and remember blurry images. Anu ask Divya to hide Shenbagam from Keerthi and lie to Keerthi that one more hour take to finish scaning. Keerthi informs this to Arjun he excuse her and leaves from there with Roja reasoning he has an important case to attend in court.

Pooja father discussing with Prema about Pooja marriage matter. He shares to Pooja that she got an aliance from Cannada. She refuse to marry him reasoning she won’t go leaving her parents behind. She wanna do job here. He force her to meet the groom tomorrow.

Everyone waiting for Roja outside. Arjun pushed away Yasodha to welcome Roja because she became an IAS officer. Annapoorna remember the challenge of Arjun and makes faces. Roja car reach there she comes out. Arjun smiles seeing her and welcome her with bouquet. Kalpana doubts whether to call her as Roja or madam. She ask her to mention as Roja always. Yasodha too calls her as Roja. Arjun warns her to call her as Madam.

Episode end.