Sufiyana Pyaar Mera: Saltanat to enter doctor Madhav’s world!

Suifyana Pyar Mera on Star Bharat- a story of heartwarming love, jealousy and vengeance is creating quite the hype with its unique tracks and twist in the story. It has successfully managed to keep the audiences hooked to it with its fast-paced drama and new twists almost every episode.

In the recent episode, we saw Kainat desperately trying to keep up her lie living as Saltanat and making up more lies to convince the family about their sight of Saltanat. She told them the Saltanat they saw might actually be a ghost of Kainat that has come to haunt them. Will the family be convinced of her lie? It is the question now that will be answered soon in the show.

As per the spoilers that have freshly arrived from the sets of the show, Zaroon will find it difficult to comprehend and get more confused about the happenings around him. As a result, once again he will go to visit Kainat’s grave and observe everything around that. On the other side, Ghazala discovers the truth about Kainat’s ghost and decides to tell him about what she has found out. It looks like she has found out about someone digging the grave and taking away the body. This means the Kainat they buried must be alive. Will Ghazala be able to tell Zaroon in time? Will he be able to find out the one they buried is in fact his Saltanat?

On the other side of the show, doctor Madhav becomes successful in reviving Saltanat and afterwards, he will take her to show his world to her. Will Saltanat be able to remember everything from her own world and find a way back to where she came from? Do tune in for more. Keep this space abuzz for more updates.