Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Written Update 21st June 2019 :- Zaroon to take a unexpected decision

The episode starts with Tai ammi and Saltanat both are standing in Dargah. Saltanat says trust me I want to tie this thread for Kainaat only. I don’t want to come between her happiness. However, somewhere, my heart is not willing to do it cause even I love Zaroon so much. Tai ammi tries to pacify her and says “yes you love him but not to the extent of Kainaat. Her love crossed it’s limit and she never asked me for anything. Whatever me or Miyajaan asked her to do, she does it without a word. Today If I remain unable to fulfill a small wish of hee then how is it fair to be a mother?

Saltanat looks on, Zainab says you swear it on Quran Saltanat now you can not back off. Saltanat assures her that she will stick to her promise and won’t break it. Tai ammi hugs her and Saltanat get shocked to see Zaroon standing behind.

Zainab leaves and Zaroon comes and says I never knew you love me so much that you have to swear on Quran to decline my pleads. Saltanat says I don’t want to talk to you Zaroon and walks away. Saltant ties the thread and pray for Kainaat. Zaroon also ties the thread and pray to get Saltanat in life and pleads Saltanat not to ruin three lives. Zaroon holds Saltanat fingers but she ask him to leave her. Saltanat frees her hand and moves and her prayer thread got detached and fall down.

Zarpony said Allah has declared his verdict. He says our fortune, destiny and luck are entangled. Saltanat says there is no point of telling me all this as my decision will remain the same. Zaroon says “you think you are making a holy sacrifice? No, you are just hiding your weakness. You can’t be the girl I loved, that girl used to fight for her right, she can take on the world for her agendas. Even Kainaat loved me more than you.” He left saying I will do what you want in love. Saltanat breaks down and cry.

Here in the house Miyajaan made it clear that without Zaroon consent he will not finalize the alliance of Kainaat and Zaroon. Rubina says that is almost impossible so let’s announce that tomorrow there is no nikah. Zaroon entered and parallely its shown that Saltanat also walking in streets in blank mind. Zaroon comes to Miyajaan and says you don’t need to cancel anything. This marriage will happen as I am ready to marry Kainaat. Ghazala and Rubina get shocked while Mamoon and Zainab gets happy.

Saltanat ia walking on the street when someone abducted her from there. Saltanat comes in Rubina and Nadeem room and cries saying that I can’t see Zaroon and Kainaat to get married. I also loved Zaroon so much and can’t see him with anyone else. Nadeem says let’s go to Miyajaan and talk but Saltanat stops him. She takes out a trolley and goes out of the room saying she is going in her friend’s house. Later the girl appeared to be Kainaat in disguise of Saltanat. Kainaat tells her maasi that tomorrow my doli will be celebrated with Saltanat last rites and smiles psychotically. Here Saltanat is shown as tied up inside a box. A headphone is given to her with music so that even if anyone calls her she won’t response. She tries to open the box but feel dizzy and most probably faints.

Precap : Kainaat is talking to Saltanat sitting on the box, says that even if she wants she can’t get Zaroon anymore. Zainab comes there and ask what they are talking about.